Chapter 1013: Gu Lans Identity (5)

    Chapter 1013: Gu Lan's Identity (5)

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    The stalls were much quieter in the underground black market compared to the stalls Gu Ruoyun had seen earlier on. No one was yelling either. Every stall owner was completely quiet, sitting silently inside his own stall. Occasionally, a few of them would explain their wares to a customer.

    Gu Ruoyun swept her gaze across every single stall, but none held her attention.

    It goes without saying that Green Maple City's black market certainly lives up to its reputation. She only needed one sweeping glance to find many treasures that would cause a sensation in the secular world. Only, based on her current level in power and her stash, these items were of no interest to her any longer.

    "What is it? Is there nothing you like?" Ye Ying noticed Gu Ruoyun's furrowed brow and smiled gently as he asked.

    Gu Ruoyun shook her head. Just as she turned away, her gaze instantly froze at one particular stall.

    The owner of the stall was a young man dressed in blue robes. He was tall and slim, with very fair skin, especially those blue eyes of his. It was as if one could sink into them, unable to get out.

    Unfortunately, he had one area of imperfection - the man had an ugly, dark freckle on his face.

    It was also due to the existence of that freckle, that spoilt the soft and beautiful feeling.

    Ye Ying noticed that Gu Ruoyun had fixed her attention on the man in blue robes. Mildly astonished, he explained. "That's Lan Ge. Everyone in Green Maple City is aware of his situation. The Master of the Lan family in the main city happens to be his uncle. Except, Lan Ge's existence is unclear. He's brought bad luck to his father and mother, which resulted in his banishment from the Lan family. After that, he arrived in Green Maple City."

    He paused, then continued to speak, "This Lan Ge is a marvel as well. He brought a bunch of sweets to sell at the black market, claiming them to be pills. However, who would dare purchase his pills? Perhaps eating them would end up giving you diarrhea."

    Ye Ying laughed.

    This Lan Ge isn't some pill master either, yet he claims that these playthings are pills. Who could believe him? Poison is more like it.

    Gu Ruoyun did not seem to hear Ye Ying's words at all. She automatically walked towards Lan Ge, as if she did not mind the pills on display in his stall. "These pills, did you refine them yourself?" She asked.

    Seeing how someone had finally made an inquiry at his stall, Lan Ge's blue eyes lit up. He smiled and nodded. "Yes, I refined them myself."

    His voice was melodious, rather pleasing to the ear.

    If it were not for that dark freckle on his face, this man would undoubtedly be considered a peerlessly beautiful man.

    Hearing this, Gu Ruoyun's eyes flicked, but she did not say very much, only carefully surveying the pills in his stall.

    "Can you tell me what kind of pills these are?"

    Lan Ge smiled gently and replied Gu Ruoyun's question very patiently, "Actually, due to the absence of a pill formula, my pills are not very valuable. However, these pills can rapidly cure a few colds. It wouldn't be a problem there."

    The corners of Gu Ruoyun's lips curled in a shallow angle. She picked up a pill from the stall, placed it in her mouth and chewed on it. Then, the smile on her face grew more pronounced.

    "The flavor is actually pretty good, except there are a few errors in your refinement technique. If you could place the mugwort leaf in front of the heavenly moon flower, perhaps the end result would be even more effective."
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