Chapter 1014: Gu Lans Identity (6)

    Chapter 1014: Gu Lan's Identity (6)

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    Initially, Lan Ge had assumed that Gu Ruoyun had denied him and was acting out in anger. However, when he heard the next part of her explanation, his blue eyes revealed a glittering light, just like a precious stone. He stared at Gu Ruoyun unblinkingly.

    "You're a pill master?"

    A pill master?

    The surrounding stall owners had initially been staring curiously at Lan Ge's stall. They snorted disdainfully upon hearing his exclamation.

    This fellow, Lan Ge, thinks that just because he's casually pinched a few sweets, he can claim to be a pill master? Just how valuable are pill masters? Aside from Gu Ruoyun who rose to fame during the Medicine Sect's general meeting not too long ago, no other pill masters have appeared.

    He has the gall to award himself with such a large cap?

    Only Ye Ying remained silent. His gazed turned from one of surprise to one of shock.

    He could tell that Miss Gu was actually guiding Lan Ge. Could it be that Lan Ge is actually capable of refining pills?

    "How unfortunate." Gu Ruoyun shook her head and smiled gently. "The taste is pretty good but the force is not strong enough. It can only cure the mild illnesses of an average person. If it were a wounded cultivator, it would not be able to cure him at all."

    Lan Ge turned very red in the face. "I don't have a pill formula," he quipped with embarrassment. "If you gave me a pill formula, I can definitely refine a pill based on the formula."

    "No." Gu Ruoyun remained smiling. She spoke in a light voice, "Even if I gave you a pill formula, you might not be able to refine the pill so soon. However, if you're willing to become my disciple, I'm willing to teach you."

    It goes without saying, this man is truly a genius.

    He managed to refine a pill without a pill formula! Talent like this far surpasses the average! If I could teach him, his future achievements would shock the mainland!

    Besides, another thing that concerned Gu Ruoyun was the other layer of the fellow's identity...

    A light flashed across Gu Ruoyun's eyes at the thought of this.

    If my guess is right, Lan Ge is not completely human! He's a demibeast human! He holds the blood of a spiritual beast in his veins, except that it's not entirely pure.

    Hence, Lan Ge's mother must be a spiritual beast!

    She never expected to reap such profitable gains during her first visit to the black market! Lan Ge, who holds all the qualities of both man and a spiritual beast, would have a rapid increase in cultivation... If he used the right methods.

    "You... You're a pill master? And you're willing to take me in as your disciple?"

    Lan Ge was filled with excitement.

    This woman only needed to swallow my refined pills, and she managed to guess the medicinal herbs I've used to refine them. She must be a true pill master, no doubts about it!

    Gu Ruoyun smiled gently. "Let's go. There's nothing more to see in this black market. Let's go home."

    Ye Ying was a little shocked. "Miss Gu, are you not interested in the treasures hidden in the black market at all?" He asked, turning towards Gu Ruoyun. "If there's anything you like, I, Ye Ying will purchase it for you as a gift. Consider it my way of thanking you for saving our World Destruction Mercenaries."

    Hearing this, Gu Ruoyun shook her head. "I've already claimed the greatest treasure in the black market. There are many other treasures, but they are not what I need."

    She's already claimed the greatest treasure in the black market?

    Liquid mist gathered in Ye Ying's head. He simply could not understand what Gu Ruoyun had meant.

    During his hesitation, Gu Ruoyun had already stepped out of the black market. Even Lan Ge had began to close his stall and chased after the woman ahead...
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