Chapter 1016: Gu Lans Identity (8)

    Chapter 1016: Gu Lan's Identity (8)

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    Gu Lan's words angered the mercenaries so much that their faces turned ashen. Just as they were about to teach the damned girl a lesson, their leader, a middle-aged man, raised his hand and stopped them from acting rashly.

    "Gu Lan." The middle-aged man looked at Gu Lan before continuing with a serious look on his face, "You think too highly of that kid, Ye Ying. I won't ever lose to him if we were to fight one-on-one. However, I don't want to give other organizations an opportunity so I'm choosing the method that will create the least casualties. Hence, I'll have to trouble you to come back with us to the Heavenly Wolf Mercenaries Unit. As for the fair-faced boy who had come back with you..."

    The middle-aged man paused before he lifted the corners of his lips into a creepy angle, "We can only blame it on his association with the World Destruction Mercenaries!"

    His meaning was, he would not spare the young man who had returned with Gu Lan!

    He would never spare anyone who has any connections with the World Destruction Mercenaries!

    If one does not remove the roots, cut grass will regrow in the future!

    Gu Lan never expected the Heavenly Wolf Mercenaries to not spare Xia Linyu. Her heart filled with anger as the cold smile on her face deepened, "Brother Xia is only the World Destruction Mercenaries' guest but I never thought that the Heavenly Wolf Mercenaries would turn out to be deranged to such a degree! I only wish to leave you with a piece of advice; there are some people in this world that you should never offend. Don't invite a greater calamity onto yourselves!"

    At this moment, Gu Lan no longer displayed her sweet and lovable appearance. Instead, she was emitting a terrifying aura which was different from most of the mercenaries.


    The middle-aged man laughed maniacally. His laughter was arrogant and smug. He then said, "Gu Lan, you are young yet you enjoy spouting such wild banter. To this day, the Heavenly Wolf Mercenaries have never heard of anyone that we should never offend aside from those few great families. Are you telling me that this young man is a member of one of those families?"

    His face was filled with disdain as he stared at Gu Lan contemptuously.

    "He isn't from any of those families."

    Gu Lan laughed icily as she replied.

    Obviously, Brother Xia is not from any of those great families but... I am connected to those forces. If the Heavenly Wolf Mercenaries were to kill me, I believe that they won't be alive for very much longer.

    Once those people have received word of my death, they will avenge me!

    "Since he isn't from any of those families, the Heavenly Wolf Mercenaries can afford to offend him!" The middle-aged man narrowed his eyes as a cold light flashed in his pupils, "Guards, take Gu Lan away. Kill every other idle person!"

    "I'd like to see if any of you has the audacity to try!"

    Gu Lan's expression changed greatly and she hurriedly blocked the way with her body. An anxious air appeared on her sweet and pretty face as she glared fiercely over at the group before her.

    At this moment, she was filled with regret. She regretted having brought Gu Ruoyun and Xia Linyu back to Green Maple City.

    Initially, they had intended to thank them for saving them and had only thought of bringing them back as their guests! However, she never thought that the Heavenly Wolf Mercenaries would take advantage of the Leader's absence and launch a killing spree. If she had known this earlier on, she would never have brought Xia Linyu back to the World Destruction Mercenaries' territory.

    Unfortunately, there was no cure for regret in this world.

    All she could do now was to bar the enemies' way in and prevent anyone from entering the door.

    "Little lion, come out and help me."

    Gu Lan gritted her teeth and cried out loudly.

    Soon, a loud roar sounded from inside the great door. A lion covered in flames charged from the gates before their eyes and bared his fangs as he glared at the intruders.

    "Little lion, we mustn't let anyone harm Brother Xia no matter what. You must help me to delay them, at least until the Leader and the others have returned!"

    This was all she could do for now.

    Gu Lan's gaze shot towards a patch of the sky not too far away. Her large, vivid eyes gradually clouded over with grief.

    Leader, you must hurry back. Otherwise, I'm not sure how long I can hold on...
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