Chapter 1018: Gu Lans Identity (10)

    Chapter 1018: Gu Lan's Identity (10)

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    Ye Ying, who was not too far away, seemed to sense something and paused in his steps. A cold light then flashed across his handsome features, "Miss Gu, I just sensed battle aura coming from the World Destruction Mercenaries' unit. Gu Lan and Sir Xia must be in danger!"

    Besides, those battle auras had clearly come from the Heavenly Wolf Mercenaries' Trusted Advisor and the flaming lion!

    He never expected the Heavenly Wolf Mercenaries to knock on their door so soon! Especially while he was absent!

    "Let's go."

    Gu Ruoyun slowly raised her clear pupils which were flashing with murderous intent.

    I had not planned to meddle regardless of who the World Destruction Mercenaries carry a grudge against! However, if Yu'er is hurt, I won't spare them no matter who it is!


    The sun was setting in the west and every corner of Green Maple City basked in its afterglow.

    Some time had passed and at this moment, a loud crash sounded at the World Destruction Mercenaries' gate as the Trusted Advisor was sent stumbling back by the flaming lion's attack. A cold sweat had appeared on his forehead.

    This Trusted Advisor had held an invincible existence compared to other high-level Martial Generals due to his special cultivation techniques. However, he never expected to waste so much time fighting against a mere spiritual beast.

    The Leader of the Heavenly Wolf Mercenaries was clearly unhappy. His face has turned vicious and terrifying.

    "Trusted Advisor, you've lost your touch. Since that's the case, step away! Let me fight and finish this quickly! If we drag this on any longer, that kid Ye Ying would have returned any time now!"

    The Trusted Advisor was stunned. He then put his longsword away and stepped to the side, looking utterly humiliated. Just as he had retreated, the Leader of the Heavenly Wolf Mercenaries made his move.


    His movements were very swift and he appeared by the flaming lion's side in an instant. Almost immediately, a large sword fashioned from thin air came slicing down as if nothing could stand in its way.

    The look in the flaming lion's eyes finally changed. Even his breathing has quickened. He raised his claws and shielded himself against the large sword's attack. However, the power from within the sword transmitted directly through his claws into his internal organs, causing his large body to instantly fall fiercely onto the ground.

    Fresh blood began to drip from his claws. The amount gradually increased, turning into a river.

    "Lan'er, I'll hold them off. Take Sir Xia and run. Go find Lord Ruoyun, hurry!"

    Despite his heavy wounds, the flaming lion stubbornly rose to his feet and stared determinedly at the sinister man before him.

    "Overly confident little clown."

    The man cackled icily before he raised his hand and forcefully slammed it towards the flaming lion's head.

    At that moment, it was as if a heavy force had come down upon the flaming lion, preventing him from evading the attack. The slap caused his body to tremble several times. However, he still stood determinedly in front of the gate and yelled at the dazed Gu Lan once again, "You two, run! Hurry up and leave this place!"


    Gu Lan bit her lip as her eyes filled with anxiety. The flaming lion was her friend, how could she leave and abandon her friend?

    When the flaming lion turned around and saw how Gu Lan was unwilling to leave, his gaze filled with anxiety, "Lan'er, don't worry, I'm your contracted beast. Ever since you've left Nemesis Forest, I've vowed to protect you for the rest of your life so I won't die. You should run, now!"

    "Little lion, I..."

    Gu Lan gently closed her eyes as tears streamed down her face.
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