Chapter 1020: Gu Lans Identity (12)

    Chapter 1020: Gu Lan's Identity (12)

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    "A wall? Haha, Trusted Advisor, are you teasing me? Why can't I see a wall anywhere? Have you gone soft so you're using this excuse to trick us?"

    "Tsk, tsk. No wonder this Trusted Advisor hasn't had a woman in so many years, he's a homosexual. However, we have things we need to do today and it involves the entire Heavenly Wolf Mercenaries. Trusted Advisor, aren't you being a little irresponsible?"

    The Trusted Advisor felt even more anxious from the humiliation after hearing the disdainful jeers. However, there really was a protective shield that separated the two of them.

    The Heavenly Wolf Mercenaries' Leader had a sinister look on his face all the while and had not spoken a single word. His eyes were fixed upon Xia Linyu but no one could read his thoughts at all.

    "Brother Xia."

    Gu Lan finally regained her senses from her initial shock and stared in astonishment at Xia Linyu, "What have you done? Why does he think that there's a wall between us?"

    Xia Linyu smiled, "I had constructed a formation while you and the flaming lion were stalling for time. That was also the reason why I had not come out to help you. It's a good thing that I've finally succeeded."

    "A formation?" Gu Lan's face filled with joy. "Brother Xia, you know how to construct a formation?"

    "Mm. My sister taught me," said Xia Linyu's as his expression softened. "She was worried that I might fall into danger during her absence so she had taught me a series of formations which could protect my life! This is one of them."

    Hearing this, the admiration on Gu Lan's face increased. Her eyes flickered with a magnificent light.

    "Sister Gu is really awesome."

    Not only is she powerful and a Pill Master, she even knows how to create formations! There's nothing in this world that she cannot do!

    However, the young girl's bright eyes gradually darkened again and she laughed bitterly, "If only I were as powerful as her."

    That way, my family wouldn't force me into a marriage alliance!

    The hand that Gu Lan had placed on the jade bracelet slowly broke away at the thought of this but her heart heaved a sigh of relief.

    Lifting the seal would require some time! Hence, she had not managed to successfully lift the seal earlier on. Now that brother Xia has stopped the Heavenly Wolf Mercenaries in their tracks, she no longer needed to risk being discovered by her family.

    "What on earth have you done?"

    Unlike the other mercenaries, the Leader of the Heavenly Wolf Mercenaries believed the Trusted Advisor's words! He understood that the Trusted Advisor was not the type of person who would make nonsensical remarks nor was he a homosexual. He could not possibly have gotten soft over this young man.

    Hence, there was only one possibility - there really was a shapeless wall surrounding them.

    The Leader of the Heavenly Wolf Mercenaries had not managed to listen in on Xia Linyu and Gu Lan's conversation so he was not aware of the truth behind the matter.

    Xia Linyu did not reply to his question. He then walked towards the flaming lion and frowned as he asked, "Are you alright?"

    At that moment, the flaming lion's body finally relaxed and collapsed onto the ground with a loud thud. He gulped and gasped as he replied, "I'm... I'm alright. I won't be dying any time soon."

    "You hang in there. Wait for my sister's return, she can heal your wounds."

    Xia Linyu knit his brows even more and a sense of disturbance flickered in his clear gaze.

    His supply of Healing Pills has long been depleted. These days, he was usually by Gu Ruoyun's side so he had not needed to worry about the lack of pills. Had he known that something like this would happen, he would have asked Gu Ruoyun for more pills for self-defense.

    The Leader of the Heavenly Wolf Mercenaries' eyes became more sinister. He then glared fiercely over at the Trusted Advisor.

    If it wasn't for this b*stard, we would have succeeded long ago! However, I never expected Xia Linyu to have this ability!
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