Chapter 1030: Whos The Real Deceiver? (3)

    Chapter 1030: Who's The Real Deceiver? (3)

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    Gu Ruoyun smiled as she said, "You're wrong. While he does indeed lack in power and that causes him to go out of his way to cheat and swindle, he has a rather agile brain. With both of you put together, one will be the brains and the other will be the warrior. Perhaps an unexpected outcome will emerge from this combination."

    Lan Ge was in shock. "You seem to... Know him very well."

    "That's right." Gu Ruoyun smiled. A hint of absent-mindedness then flashed in her eyes as she stared up into the sky before saying, "We've met once before so you can say that we're acquainted."

    However, that was a matter which had happened in her past life.

    At that time, both she and Supreme Jin had heard of an emergence of the ancient ruins in a mountain range. They had stayed together for the journey. However, because they had attracted the attention of countless other cultivators, both of them had only managed with great difficulty to loot a few treasures for themselves.

    What they never expected was that amidst this struggle in the ruins, there was one who had emerged as the ultimate victor!

    That person was this young man, Liu Yue!

    That was when they had got to know about each other. This fellow was adept at cheating and swindling but was also very intelligent. Many cultivators had fallen into his trap. However, that was the first time they had met and the last time they had seen each other.

    This was because after Gu Ruoyun had emerged from that place, she had been hunted down and murdered by the Xia family before being reincarnated.

    Perhaps, after so many years have passed, this fellow has forgotten their frank and assured conversation under the moonlight that time.

    "By the way, Lan Ge." Gu Ruoyun seems to recall something and turned towards the blue-eyed man behind her before saying, "Every three months, you can just casually refine a Great Restoration Pill for him to consume."

    Lan Ge shook before he stared suspiciously at Gu Ruoyun. "You mean..."

    "Liu Yue is very clever so you cannot subdue him on your own. If I had not used this little lie, he wouldn't have listened to your orders at all. So, to avoid him from discovering this matter, just casually refine a pill for his consumption."

    The pill that Gu Ruoyun had given Liu Yue was not really poison.

    Whenever she thought back on their past conversation under the moonlight, she did not really wish to do this to him.

    However, in order to make this fellow serve Lan Ge, she had no choice but to lie to him.

    The corners of Lan Ge's lips twitched a little.

    This woman is really the true deceiver! Perhaps Liu Yue would never have thought that he, who has always cheated and swindled his way, would have been lied to in the end. If he ever finds out the truth, would he cry out in agony?

    "I understand," Lan Ge said before he smiled. A light then flashed in his blue eyes as he turned towards Gu Ruoyun. He said, "I hear that you're headed for the main city?"

    Gu Ruoyun nodded. "You know who I am. The Medicine Sect's official lodging is awaiting me in the main city so I'd like to make my way to there soon. Also, Lan Ge, I believe you haven't told me about the situation in your family."

    Hearing this, Lan Ge's eyes darkened. A bitterness hung on the corners of his lips as he replied, "The Lan family members have never accepted me because I have been born with blue eyes. At the time, my father had held some prestige in the Lan family so they had not dared to overstep! My parents had then passed away later on! Everyone said that I had jinxed them to their deaths. In fact, only I know that the Chou family had arrived to carry out a vendetta against them and they had died in the Chou family's hands."

    When he mentioned the Chou family who had been responsible for his parents' deaths, Lan Ge unconsciously tightened his fists and a murderous intent flashed through his eyes.

    "After my parents' death, the Lan family could no longer tolerate my existence. My uncle, the Master, then chased me out of the Lan family. Fortunately, I came here and that was how I had met you."
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