Chapter 1038: My Name Is Nian Ye (1)

    Chapter 1038: My Name Is Nian Ye (1)

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    A red light glowed in a mountain cave. The light was as red as a halo of blood and was eerily beautiful.

    At this moment, a woman dressed in green robes was lying on the ground in the mountain cave. She was bathed in the blood-red light, illuminating her figure. She was currently unconscious so she did not hear the muffled voices in the mountain cave.

    "Eh? I had sensed the Ancient Divine Pagoda's aura a while ago. Could it be that this woman is the Ancient Divine Pagoda's Master?"

    "There can be no mistake about it. No one else but the Master of the Ancient Divine Pagoda can enter this place so this woman should be that person. Since that's the case, it's about time we return these things to their rightful owner after being guarding them all this time..."

    The whispers faded away as the red light within the cave glowed brilliantly. Suddenly, a sword drenched with blood red light flew over from a distance away. It then entered Gu Ruoyun's mind.

    "The Ninth Emperor has recognized its Master. We should send her out of this place now."

    The muffled voice sounded once again before everything grew quiet. A hurricane then rose from within the cave and carried Gu Ruoyun's body up...


    It hurts!

    Gu Ruoyun felt as if her head had exploded and she was in extreme agony. The searing pain made her knit her brows together before she slowly opened her eyes.

    An old, thatched hut came into her sight. The house had simple furnishings and she was lying on a bed made of grass. Her initially blood-drenched robes have been changed into a set of clean but patched robes. This surprised her and the frown on her face deepened.

    "Where am I? I had sustained injuries on my chest so why does my head hurt instead? Also, I feel as if my entire body has lost all its strength."

    The feeling of weakness made Gu Ruoyun feel utterly powerless.

    Logically speaking, since I've taken some pills, my body should have been healed after such a long period of time. How did this happen?


    Just as Gu Ruoyun was rubbing her temple with her fingers, she suddenly realized that there was an additional sword in her head.

    The sword was completely red in color and nine awe-inspiring dragons were carved onto its blade. Gu Ruoyun only needed one look to sense the majestic air that shone from within the sword.

    It was like a king which stood tall in the world. Anyone who stands before it must obey!

    The Divine Weapon, Ninth Emperor!

    These words suddenly appeared in Gu Ruoyun's mind, creating shockwaves throughout her entire being.

    Divine weapon?

    Is this sword a divine weapon?

    That makes sense. What other kinds of weapon, aside from a divine weapon, would have the power to shock anyone in such a manner?

    However, what I don't understand is when this divine weapon had appeared in my head.

    "Master," the white dragon's voice rang out from within her soul, "The spiritual weapon has been destroyed and I am severely injured. Initially, I had intended to enter the divine weapon in your mind but that divine weapon already contains a weapon spirit. That weapon spirit has great power and has denied me access so I was unable to enter the divine weapon."

    Though the white dragon may only be a spirit, because he had become a weapon spirit in a spiritual weapon, he would also suffer severe injuries if the spiritual weapon was damaged. It was a good thing that the damage on the spiritual weapon was not too severe. Otherwise, he would have vanished with a puff of smoke along with the spiritual weapon.

    "I'm sorry, I had underestimated the power of a Martial Saint." Gu Ruoyun sighed, "Go into another spiritual weapon and recuperate first. You can come back once I've repaired this spiritual weapon."
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