Chapter 1040: My Name Is Nian Ye (3)

    Chapter 1040: My Name Is Nian Ye (3)

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    The man's gaze was sincere as he looked at Gu Ruoyun and spoke in a hoarse voice.

    A sense of fondness emerged in Gu Ruoyun's heart when she saw his sincerity and honesty. She smiled as she replied, "Thank you."

    "Please recuperate your wounds in peace, Miss. Let me know if there's anything that you need. I'll help you as long as it's within my power."

    The man could not help but blush when he saw her smile.

    He has never seen such a good-looking woman before. Even though she was dressed in such plain and simple clothes, it could not hide her lucid, elegant, and noble air. She definitely stood out from the crowd.

    Of course, his blushing face does not mean that he has any intentions towards Gu Ruoyun.

    It was a reaction like when most people lay their eyes on a handsome man or a beautiful woman. They would not be able to help themselves from wanting to take a second glance at them. This was only limited to feelings of admiration and not because they had felt their hearts move! He had saved her and brought her back was not because he had been moved by her delicate and pretty features. It was simply because he would not stand idly by while someone was lying injured on the ground.

    "Brother, I'm hungry. Let's go get dinner ready, okay?"

    The little maiden stuck her tongue out in a charming manner and linked arms with the man in a coquettish and lovable way. She then snuggled up to him and placed her head on his body.

    "Alright." The man stroked the little maiden's head as his eyes filled with indulgence.

    As Gu Ruoyun observed the loving pair of siblings, her mind unconsciously thought of Gu Shengxiao and her gaze sank.

    I've been away from the West Spirit Mainland for such a long time now, I wonder how Big Brother is doing. However, knowing him, he wouldn't be satisfied with staying in West Spirit Mainland for the rest of his life.

    One day, he will make the journey to this place as well!

    Before that time arrives, I will conquer the world. By then, I'll have the power to ensure my big brother's safety.


    In the following days, Gu Ruoyun made no further attempts to go look for the medicinal herbs. Instead, she relaxed and recuperated in the little village. It goes without saying that being away from the splendor of the mundane world, this plain and simple little village was very suitable for cultivation especially with only simple and honest village folk around. Not only did they include Gu Ruoyun despite her unknown origins, every household had even brought out their stockpile of food and sent them over for fear of neglecting their guest who had journeyed from far away.

    Gu Ruoyun knows very well that to these regular people, that stockpile of food was more important than anything else. However, they had brought them over for the sake of a stranger like her. It would be difficult for her to forget about their kindness.

    She even had the thought that once she had found both her parents, it would not be a bad idea to move here and retire for the rest of their lives.

    At least there would not be much strife and there would not be too many competitive massacres either...

    At this moment, in a tiny and shabby storage room, Gu Ruoyan was staring at a pile of medicinal herbs in a corner with mild surprise. Her gaze then fell upon the little maiden next to her and she asked, "Xiao Yu, are you a doctor?"

    "I'm studying medicine." The little lady smiled shyly as she replied. "But I'm still not good enough. Ah, by the way, I had wrapped your wound up for you. If my medicinal skills were good enough, you wouldn't need to wait half a month to fully recuperate."

    Gu Ruoyun smiled, the injuries on her body have healed long ago. The reason why she had not made a full recovery was due to the repercussions from forming a contract with the Divine Weapon, the Ninth Emperor.

    "Nian Ye, do you know? My dream is to become a great doctor. I want to heal the sick and wounded! I even want to be able to snatch the life of a dying person from the clutches of the King of Hell!"

    The little maiden's eyes sparkled and the freckles on her face grew more comely along with the light in her eyes. Suddenly, she seemed to remember something and the light in her eyes darkened.
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