Chapter 1042: My Name Is Nian Ye (5)

    Chapter 1042: My Name Is Nian Ye (5)

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    "Nian Ye..."

    The little maiden trembled violently behind Gu Ruoyun. Her bright eyes were filled with terror as she said, "They're the culprits behind our parent's deaths! That year, these bandits had occupied Black Cliff Mountain which is not too far from Wind Fall Village and had committed all sorts of wicked deeds around it. Because of this, all the villages including Wind Fall Village then joined forces to go against these bandits. It was to no avail and many were either injured or killed disastrously. My mother and father had both lost their lives at that time. In the end, every village agreed to contribute half of their food and money in order for them to spare the rest. Nian Ye... I'm so scared..."

    Sensing the shivers from the person behind her, a murderous intent flashed in Gu Ruoyun's eyes. She suddenly lifted the corners of her lips and smiled as she said, "Since they want us to leave with them, what's wrong with taking a walk?"

    "Nian Ye?"

    Qi Hao was mildly surprised, he never expected Gu Ruoyun to agree to the bandits' demands. However, if he allowed her to fall into these bandits' hands, she would be swallowed whole!

    "No, you are only a guest of the Wind Fall Village." Qi Hao furrowed his brows and glared at the ruthless bandits. "This woman is not a villager of Wind Fall Village," he exclaimed, "The matters of Wind Fall Village have nothing to do with her. Can't you let her go?"

    "Qi Hao, you dare to bring up conditions with us? I don't care who she is, everyone in Wind Fall Village will have to come with us! However, compared to you, this lady is clearly more aware of the situation. She knows that we, the Black Cliff Mountain Bandits, cannot be defeated so she has decided to follow us obediently."

    The bandit burst into an arrogant laugh but his vulgar eyes continued to size Gu Ruoyun up. "It goes without saying that with such a beautiful woman in the Wind Fall Village, it's been quite a profit for us to have made the trip."


    Qi Hao clenched his fist tightly, feeling a great urge to land it on the bandit. However, he was only a normal person, how could he possibly stand a chance in a fight against a cultivator?

    Gu Ruoyun looked at Qi Hao but she kept quiet. She slowly walked out of the door and spoke indifferently, "Didn't you say that you wanted to take us away? Lead the way then, I'm a bit pressed for time here so don't hinder me from conducting other matters."

    The bandits were in shock when they heard her words.

    What does she mean?

    Why does she make it sound like we, as bandits, have become people who would lead the way? Besides, she says that she's pressed for time? That we should not waste her time on her business?

    After all, we are strong bandits. Is this woman not afraid of us at all?

    "Big Brother, I'm scared."

    Xiao Yu crept towards Qi Hao and tugged his sleeve as her freckled face filled with fear. "Will they treat us the same way as how they had treated Mother and Father?"

    "Xiao Yu, don't be afraid."

    Qi Hao pulled Xiao Yu into his arms and patted her back soothingly. "Big Brother will protect you," he replied softly. "I won't let anyone hurt you."

    Mother and Father are dead. My sister is my only family.

    Today, I will protect her no matter what!

    All the villagers had been restrained and pushed into the center of the square outside the village. They were surrounded by the bandits who were wielding knives and spears. When they looked into the bandit's fearsome eyes, they were so terrified that they did not dare utter a word.

    Those who were timid have even wet their pants. Instantly, the smell of urine filled the air around the square.

    A brawny, middle-aged brute was sitting on a chair at the foremost of the bandits. The fierce look on his face gave off a very sinister air. Coupled with the murderous bloodlust from his body, one could tell at first glance that he was the type of person who could kill a man without even batting an eye.
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