Chapter 1044: The Bandits Punishment (2)

    Chapter 1044: The Bandits' Punishment (2)

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    The Leader of the bandits' expression gradually became frosty. A bandit next to him noticed the dissatisfaction on his face and hurriedly stepped out. "How dare you?" he reprimanded angrily. "It's a privilege that our Leader has taken a fancy to your wives and daughters. Countless people have been trying to curry favor from our Leader! You now have the opportunity yet you don't appreciate this boon? Could it be that you've forgotten that our Leader is a Martial King? Do you have any idea what Martial Kings are? There are only five in existence on the entire mainland!"

    The bandit held out five fingers as he exclaimed complacently, "My Leader is one of the five most powerful cultivators. As for those at the rank of Martial King and above, hehe, let me tell you this - they've been extinct for hundreds of years! I can see that you're indeed a group of country bumpkins who've never seen the world yet you dare to act so arrogantly towards someone of my Leader's station. Do you know how to write the word 'death'?"

    Gu Ruoyun crossed her arms over her chest as she stared smilingly at the bandit who was bragging vigourously.

    There are only five Martial Kings on the mainland? The Leader of these bandits is actually one of the most powerful cultivators? Besides, cultivators at the rank of Martial King and above haven't emerged for over a few hundred years?

    How has he managed to survive for so long with all this bragging? Why haven't the powerful cultivators of the mainland come to destroy him yet?

    Nevertheless, Gu Ruoyun knows very well that even if the powerful cultivators had heard about his bragging, they would probably consider him as a bouncing little clown and would be too lazy to care about him. On the other hand, he only had the ability to bully a few villagers who have never seen the world.

    "The Leader of the bandits is that powerful." Auntie Hua clearly believed in these words and sighed. "Nian Ye," she urged, "Don't be hasty. You won't be of any match to him, he's one of the most powerful cultivators on the mainland. We'll try to beg him for mercy later so that he'll let you leave. Besides, you're not a villager of the Wind Fall Village so you'll be fine if you leave."

    "I've said to leave this matter to me." Gu Ruoyun chuckled softly. Her clear and cold gaze remained fixed upon the bandits who were acting like bouncing little clowns. The smile on her face has grown even more pronounced as she challenged, "You say that the most powerful cultivators on the mainland are Martial Kings? And that Martial Emperors and the rest no longer exists?"

    Her voice was clear and bright as it resounded through the silent crowd, instantly drawing everyone's attention.

    "Of course." The bandit glared at Gu Ruoyun and continued to brag, "I'm telling you this, our Leader isn't just one of the most powerful cultivators on the mainland, he's the youngest Martial King too! The other Martial Kings are nearing the cemetery now and only our Leader was the only one who has managed to reach this rank in his middle age! Our Leader is the most talented person on the mainland. He's the only one, there's no other! Perhaps he would even breakthrough to become the first Martial Emperor the world has seen in a few hundred years. Think about it, how powerful is a Martial Emperor? Shouldn't you feel honored to have the privilege to give your women to such a powerful man?"

    Gu Ruoyun raised her brows and responded with a smile that did not reach her eyes, "How was I not aware that the most powerful person on the mainland has become a Martial King? However, those Martial Emperors, Martial Honors and Martial Supremes... Where have they gone?"

    Auntie Hua hurriedly tugged Gu Ruoyun's sleeve when she saw that Gu Ruoyun was provoking the Leader of the bandits. She was attempting to signal her against speaking any further so that she would avoid angering these merciless beings. If that were to happen, she could forget about leaving the village.

    "Nian Ye."

    The little maiden was a little worried as well. Her freckled faced carried a sense of anxiety.

    "You'd better stop talking. These people are very scary, they'll hurt you."
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