Chapter 1046: The Bandits Punishment (4)

    Chapter 1046: The Bandits' Punishment (4)

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    Ever since Gu Ruoyun had left the West Spirit Mainland, she has constantly faced powerful cultivators! Even her weakest opponents had been Martial Emperors at the least! Hence, she has really not experienced the power of a Martial King for a long time.

    However, when the Bandit Leader heard these words, he thought that Gu Ruoyun had been flattering him.

    He decided that he would lessen her agony later on because of her flattery.

    "Hmph, since you're so eager to know the power of a Martial King, let me grant your wish!" sneered the Bandit Leader. He then reappeared in front of Gu Ruoyun in a flash.

    His eyes were like extremely sharp knives. The sinister look on his fierce features was a rather terrifying sight.

    "Leader, give this damned girl the taste of a Martial King's power!"

    "That's right! She actually had the audacity to question our Leader's power! How is this any different from digging your own grave?"

    The bandits cried out when they saw that their Leader was about to make his move.

    After all, they had never seen their Leader attack anyone else despite having followed him for a very long time! Everyone in this vicinity would immediately tremble with fear at the very mention of their Leader's name! Only this little girl would act so recklessly and dare to challenge their Leader!

    "That's it."

    Auntie Hua could not help but close her eyes and sigh softly.

    "Xiao Yu, if you see a chance, run away immediately." Qin Hao clenched his fist tightly as he spoke with determination, "Run as far as you can and don't come back to Wind Fall Village."

    The little maiden seems to understand what Qin Hao was trying to say and she held her small body tightly. She then tugged Qin Hao's robe pitifully as she tearfully replied, "Brother, our parents are gone. You're the only family I have left, I don't want to become an orphan, I..."

    "Xiao Yu, I don't want to live under these bandits' tyranny for the rest of my life so I will draw my weapons like mother and father did. Besides, Nian Ye is innocent. She's only an injured person that I've brought back to the village. If I had not brought her here, she would not have been dragged down along with us."

    Qin Hao lowered his eyelids and spoke resolutely, "However, I'm still worried about you. If a fight breaks out, run and don't turn back! Do you understand me?"

    The little maiden fell silent for a moment but nodded in the end.

    "Don't you die on me, Big Brother. You must live on for my sake. Otherwise, I will truly become an orphan."


    Qin Hao stroked the little maiden's head as his grey eyes filled with love and reluctance.

    "Big Brother promises you that I'll make it out alive and look for you after this."

    Qin Hao then lifted his head after saying his piece. His eyes shot keenly towards the Bandit Leader in front of Gu Ruoyun as he spoke in a hoarse and low voice, "You bandits, isn't it enough that you've hurt my family? Now, not only do you want to force Wind Fall Village to give your wives and daughters to you, you'd even bully a lady like Nian Ye! This time, the villagers of Wind Fall Village will no longer live under your threat! Fellow villagers and elders! If you no longer wish to live under this tyranny, let us draw our weapons and fight back! Otherwise, we will die by the hands of these bandits one day."

    "Qin Hao is right, we can't tolerate this any longer! Brothers, let us draw our weapons and protect our wives and daughters."

    There were a few people in the square who did not have their hands bound. Since those people had never retaliated or tried to escape, the bandits had felt that it would be unnecessary to tie them up!

    Hence, once Qin Hao had spoken, the men in the group whose hands were unbound immediately rose to their feet. They then took out the small knives which they had been carrying and cut the ropes from the hands of their fellow villagers.
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