Chapter 1047: The Bandits Punishment (5)

    Chapter 1047: The Bandits' Punishment (5)

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    This time, the bandits had miscalculated.

    They thought that these people would never dare to retaliate under the tyranny of a Martial King so they had not searched their captive's body. However, how could villagers who lived at Wind Fall Village go around without bringing along a sharp weapon every day?

    Only the Bandit Leader seems to be unworried about the villager's final struggle. He scoffed arrogantly as he declared disdainfully, "You're just a bunch of ignorant villagers. Even people like you would dare to oppose me? You're all looking for your own deaths! However, I have no time to bother about you now! I'll play with you once I've given this woman a taste of this lesson!"

    The Martial King Bandit Leader saw no need to place any importance on these common folk.

    He could crush them with just one finger!

    Gu Ruoyun felt moved as she watched Qin Hao and the other villager's actions. She did not say anything as her clear and cold gaze landed upon the Bandit Leader once again.

    "I'm waiting, or should we say that you can't harness your Martial King powers?"

    "You're digging your own grave!"

    The Bandit Leader's expression changed and a warm yellow hue enveloped his fist as he slammed it fiercely towards Gu Ruoyun's chest.


    His strike landed on Gu Ruoyun's body without any warning but...

    The Bandit Leader's eyes, which had been initially complacent, filled with astonishment as he stared at the woman whose body had remained as unmoved as a stone.

    How can this be?

    I had gathered all of my might in that attack yet she had not moved at all?

    The entire square was now completely silent.

    The riled-up villagers stopped their ruckus as they stared unblinkingly at the drastic change on the Bandit Leader's face before they looked at... The indifferent girl in green robes.

    Gu Ruoyun looked at the fist which had landed on her chest before turning her gaze towards the Bandit King once again. She then exclaimed with a small smile, "Is this everything you've got? I think... That's not just it."

    The Bandit Leader's expression turned ashen. He could feel the disdainful stares surrounding him and even his henchmen were eyeing him with suspicion.

    How could the Bandit Leader, who has been a tyrant for so many years, possibly bear this?

    "I was only using my average capacity earlier on. I certainly haven't displayed the full force of my Martial King powers. This time, I won't throw the game. You can go to hell!"


    The Bandit Leader yanked out his machete fiercely before slashing its sharp blade at Gu Ruoyun's shoulder. The murderous intent in his eyes has thickened. Form his point of view, this knife would completely slice the woman's body in half.

    Qin Hao and the others had just regained their senses when they saw Gu Ruoyun under the machete's gleam. The look in their eyes immediately changed greatly.

    Some of them shut their eyes, unable to bring themselves to endure this. They did not wish to watch the delicate and pretty girl crumple into a pool of blood.


    Suddenly, a sharp and clear sound rang out.

    It sounded like a sharp weapon clashing against steel. Some of the ones who could not bear to watch opened their eyes once again.

    The woman's small smile looked absolutely engaging under the gentle breeze.

    A large, sharp knife was propped up against her slender shoulder but her expression has remained unchanged. A shallow smile had accumulated in her clear gaze.

    "What? Is that the full extent of your power?"

    Gu Ruoyun's clear and cold voice brought the Bandit Leader back to his senses. Panic began to cloud over the initial ferocity in his eyes. The strong terror in his heart made him raise his machete and slash it fiercely towards Gu Ruoyun once again.

    "You can go to hell!"

    This woman must die!

    Otherwise, I will live in terror for the rest of my life!
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