Chapter 1055: Breakthrough, Mid-Level Martial Supreme (6)

    Chapter 1055: Breakthrough, Mid-Level Martial Supreme (6)

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    Wind Fall Village, a once quiet and peaceful place, was now tainted with blood. The thick smell of death reeked throughout the entire village.

    This was what Gu Ruoyun saw the very moment she entered Wind Fall Village...

    The bodies of countless familiar-looking villagers were lying on the muddy ground. The earth beneath them was soaked in blood and the thick, metallic smell filled the air. These villagers had entertained her enthusiastically and full of vitality not so very long ago.

    However, she could no longer see their simple and honest smiles. All that was left in its place was the dull color of dead ashes.

    "I've only been away for a few days. What on earth happened here? Who killed them?"

    Gu Ruoyun stumbled and her voice trembled as she asked.

    She then noticed a small, deathly pale and freckled face in a pool of blood. However, that little face could no longer display her innocent and lively smile. All that remains was a pair of dull, wide-opened eyes as if she had died with an unresolved grievance.

    Gu Ruoyun reached out her hand and gently placed it on the little maiden's eyelids, closing them.


    "Nian Ye, do you know that my dream is to become a great doctor? I want to heal the sick and wounded! I even want to be able to snatch the life of a dying person from the clutches of the King of Hell!"

    "Nian Ye, will you come back?"

    "Really? Then let's pinky swear. You're not allowed to lie to me."


    Gu Ruoyun slowly closed her eyes. After a long pause, she opened them again and turned towards the little maiden in the pool of blood. She murmured, "Xiao Yu, I've returned. Unfortunately, I had been too late but don't you worry, I won't let the culprits who had butchered the village get away with this no matter who they were!"

    "Nian Ye..."

    Just as Gu Ruoyun was rising to her feet, a frail voice called out from behind her, causing her body to stiffen. She hurriedly tried to find the source of the voice amongst the bodies.

    "Nian Ye..."

    The frail voice cried out once again. Gu Ruoyun finally managed to locate the person who had been crying out to her.

    "Auntie Hua."

    Gu Ruoyun rushed to Auntie Hua's side and helped her up. "You're still alive?" she exclaimed, "I have medicine. Swallow this quickly."

    "No." Auntie Hua shook her head. Her entire body was drenched in blood and her voice was weak as she continued, "My body... I know it myself. There's no use... Only... Only, I never thought that I'd be able to hold on until your return."

    "Auntie Hua..." Gu Ruoyun's heart trembled fiercely. She tried to speak but Auntie Hua cut her off.

    "Nian Ye, those people... Those people had come here to find you. I think I heard something about... About some Lin family."

    Auntie Hua had to gasp for breath with every word that she spoke yet she persisted. She was determined to finish what she needed to say.

    The Lin family!


    A fiery rage immediately ignited within Gu Ruoyun's heart. It was a raging flame that could destroy the heavens and earth.

    She never thought that the Lin family would be the ones responsible for destroying Wind Fall Village!

    "Nian Ye..." Auntie Hua saw the overflowing fury on Gu Ruoyun's face along with her guilt and remorse as she muttered weakly, "You're a good person. We don't blame you. I... We only blame those cruel people. Previously, if it had not been for you... Perhaps, perhaps, we would not have been able to destroy those bandits and we wouldn't have enjoyed those few peaceful days... So, we don't blame you."

    "Auntie Hua! Eat this pill, perhaps you'll live, I..."

    "Really... There's really no need." Auntie Hua shook her head as her voice grew weaker and weaker as if it would disappear at any moment. "My family, friends... And fellow villagers are all gone. Even if I can be saved, I don't want to be saved. Nian Ye, you are a good and kind child. We, the people of Wind Fall Village... Don't blame you."
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