Chapter 1063: A Second Encounter With Bai Yin (1)

    Chapter 1063: A Second Encounter With Bai Yin (1)

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    "Hehe, I never thought that Old Man Jiang and Old Man Gu would have interest in a place like this as well?"

    Just as the bickering between the two had come to a head, a malevolent laughter sounded from behind them. This laughter was like a magician's spell as it silenced the two old men.

    The person who had spoken was a man dressed in gilded robes. Even though he was past middle-age, he looked like he was around the age of thirty due to proper care.

    This man may not have Lan Ge's stunningly handsome looks but the structure of his brows shared some similarities with Lan Ge's features. Coupled with how he had addressed the two old men, it was not difficult to guess the man's identity.

    This was the Master of the Lan family, Lan Shao! He was also Lan Ge's uncle!

    Gu Ruoyun laughed bitterly in her heart. The Ninth Emperor's magnetism is certainly great to attract three of the  Four Great Families 1  of Main City here! Now, all that's left is the last one which is also the most mysterious family of all!

    "What is this fellow doing here as well?" Old Man Jiang furrowed his brow and looked very impatient.

    Old Man Jiang and Old Man Gu looked at one another and both saw the vigilance in each other's eyes.

    "Hehe," Old Man Gu was the first to react and he chuckled softly. His tone of voice was unlike the one of total disregard that he had used when speaking to Old Man Jiang. This time, his solemnity carried a sense of discourtesy. "So, the Master of the Lan family has arrived as well. However, may I ask where the Old Master is?"

    Lan Shao had an indifferent smile on his face but his voice carried a sense of eeriness.

    "My father is now in closed-door cultivation so he was not aware of the Divine Weapon's birth." A brilliant light flashed in Lan Shao's eyes as he slowly replied, "However, my presence here is enough for the Lan family. I'm sure that you are both here for the Divine Weapon as well. While I've always revered you, I won't give way this time."

    Old Man Jiang burst into laughter. "The feeling is mutual, the feeling is mutual. Even if your father were here, we won't let him have the Divine Weapon either."

    Lan Shao smiled. His eyes then turned towards Gu Ruoyun and his gaze flickered. "Miss, may I ask what your background is? Why have I never seen you before?"

    If my observations are correct, it seems that these two fellows had been fighting over this woman.

    I wonder what abilities she possesses which would cause a rivalry between these two?

    "Master Lan, this little girl is an old friend of mine, you shouldn't be eyeing her."

    Old Man Jiang saw through Lan Shao's intentions at one glance and frowned. He knows Lan Shao's tactics very well. If the Gu girl's talents were to attract his attention, he might use all sorts of schemes to drag her into the Lan family.

    "Old Man Jiang, you're overanalyzing things. Since this little maiden is an old friend of yours, how could I possibly have the boldness to overstep my boundaries? I only want to know her name."

    A light flashed in Lan Shao's eyes as he replied.

    Once he knows the woman's name, he would have a way to find out her identity.


    Old Man Jiang was stunned and stared hesitatingly at Gu Ruoyun.

    Honestly, he really did not want to reveal the little girl's name. Otherwise, once Lan Shao has found out about her identity as the well-known Pill Master on the mainland, he would never ever let her off the hook.

    "Nianye." Gu Ruoyun smiled as she stared at Lan Shao's shrewd eyes and said, "My name is Gu Nianye."

    "Gu Nianye?"

    Lan Shao fell silent, he was certain that he has never heard of this name in his life.

    However, she must not have originated from an average background since these two old fellows have been competing over her. Once I've returned to the Lan household, I can have the powerful Lan family cultivators investigate her origins!
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