Chapter 1066: A Second Encounter With Bai Yin (4)

    Chapter 1066: A Second Encounter With Bai Yin (4)

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    "That's right."

    Old Man Gu laughed icily. "Lan Shao, I'm going to let you off with a warning as well on account of your status as a member of the Four Great Families. This girl is gifted beyond compare and her prospects are limitless. Perhaps, one day, you'll regret the decision that you've made today!"

    "So what if she's exceedingly talented? She would need to remain alive for that day to come."

    Lan Shao completely disregarded Old Man Gu's warning.

    Based on that madman, Grand Lord Hong Lian's way of doing things, he would never leave any opportunity for growth amongst his enemies. This little girl should not possibly be able to survive much longer.

    Of course, it had probably never crossed Lan Shao's mind that Gu Ruoyun was actually Grand Lord Hong Lian's flesh and blood.

    As her father, how could Grand Lord Hong Lian possibly lay a finger on his own daughter, the person he had yearned for bitterly for so many years? By overlooking this one detail, Lan Shao would face an even greater regret in the future!

    "Old Man Jiang, do you have any news about that Divine Weapon?" Gu Ruoyun asked as she turned towards Old Man Jiang.

    Old Man Jiang chuckled. "We've already launched an investigation in a mysterious cave a short distance away from the Celestial Mountain Forest. Besides, I can sense an aura which is different from any other in that mountain cave. If my guess is correct, the Divine Weapon should be inside that cave."

    A mysterious cave?

    Gu Ruoyun was stunned.

    What a coincidence! A mysterious cave has appeared just as I've unsheathed the Ninth Emperor?

    Gu Ruoyun fell silent as she thought about this and a light flashed across her eyes.

    "Old Man Jiang, may I come with you to explore the cave?"

    "Haha, if you're interested in the Divine Weapon, Gu girl, we can stay together. Honestly, I'm not too comfortable about just letting you head off on your own. We don't know how many bandits might scheme against you along the way."

    Old Man Jiang then burst into laughter. His eyes had glanced towards the ugly look on Lan Shao's face as he spoke.

    Even though Gu Ruoyun had previously helped Wen Yan to win the battle against the Snow Jade Bandits, Wen Yan had not told Old Man Jiang about her using the fire spiritual beast and the Vermillion Bird in battle.

    Besides, no one had known about the time when she had used the Vermillion Bird to win the battle against the fire spiritual beast before claiming that fire spiritual beast as her own back during the Medicine Sect's general meeting either.

    After all, in contrast to her position as a Pill Master, these details were simply not worth mentioning.

    Hence, Old Man Jiang was completely unaware of Gu Ruoyun's true scale of power. It was also because of this that Gu Ruoyun had felt moved by his protectiveness.


    Lan Shao scoffed and did not say much. However, his dark eyes showed the discontent in his heart.


    Red Lotus Territory.

    Grand Lord Hong Lian was standing in the study with his hands behind his back. He wore a crimson robe and his expression was cold and emotionless against the gentle breeze. However, his voice softened when he said his daughter's name, whom he dearly misses.

    "Do you know where Yun'er has gone to?"

    The man behind him replied with reverence from a half-kneeling position on the floor, "Reporting to the Grand Lord, it seems that the Eldest Lady has journeyed towards the Northern Block Territory."

    "The Northern Block Territory?" Grand Lord Hong Lian fell momentarily silent. His eyes then turned to look at a patch of sky outside the window as his cold and grim gaze filled with gentleness. His deep voice rang out once again, "It's just as well, I've finished my business for the time being so it's time for me to seek her out now. Bei Ming, you shall be in charge of matters in the Red Lotus Territory in my stead for the time being. If there's anything important, send word to me in the Northern Block Territory."

    His precious daughter has been away for a good few months now. Only the heavens know how much he had missed her over these past few months.

    After all, that was the first time they had seen each other after being separated for over twenty years. If it had not been for the fact that he did not wish to impede her, he would never have wanted her to leave at all.
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