Chapter 1067: Secret Clan, Dongfang Yu (1)

    Chapter 1067: Secret Clan, Dongfang Yu (1)

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    The Grand Lord Hong Lian would definitely feel more at ease with his precious daughter by his side. After all, he should be the one to handle all the killing on his own.

    However, he also understood that his daughter was not the type of person who could be caged.

    She was poised towards the vast, borderless mainland!

    "Yun'er, wait for me. Father will come and find you in the Northern Block Territory."

    The man curled the corners of his lips as his eyes filled with a never-before-seen gentleness. In this world, aside from that woman whom he has been worrying about for so many years, only Gu Ruoyun has the ability to bring his cold and grim features into that particular expression.

    "However, I still have no idea where Yu'er has gone to. If Yu'er were to reappear right now, our family will be truly reunited."

    The man's previously gentle expression filled with staunch determination as he thought about that elegant lady.

    I will find her even if I have to go to the ends of the earth!


    In a quiet ravine filled with wisps of cloud and mists.

    A woman dressed in white robes who was obscured by the mist seemed to sense something and opened her beautiful eyes.

    "Brother Tian..."

    She murmured a name gently. A slight then movement appeared in her features which were very similar to Gu Ruoyun's.

    "Were you reminiscing about me?"


    The white dragon who was next to her let out a low growl. It then stuck its tongue out and licked the woman in white's fair face. However, the woman in white did not stroke its head this time as she has always done. Instead, her eyes were staring sadly at the sky.

    It was as if the people that she yearns for were at the other end of the sky.

    "It's been over twenty years. I could feel it each time you call out my name. However, you have longed for me for the past twenty years, how could I remain unconcerned about you?"

    "There's less than a year left. When that time comes, I will go and look for you. By then, our family shall be reunited, never to be separated again!"

    As the woman in white was muttering to herself, countless figures descended from the sky before standing in front of her. They then spoke reverently, "Sacred Lady, the Clan Leader requests for an audience with you."

    Their voice brought the woman in white back to her senses. She promptly wiped off the longing on her face and her features once again displayed a cold indifference reminiscent of a snow plum blossom. "Alright, I understand."

    In the Clan Leader's chamber, a white-haired old woman was seated on the Master's seat with her eyes closed in meditation. She seemed to sense the figure who had entered the chamber and slowly opened her eyes. Her gaze then fell upon the woman in white.

    "Yu'er, you're here?"

    The woman in white slowly entered the room and walked toward the white-haired old woman. "Master, you had summoned me?" She asked with a respectful look on her face.

    "That's right." The white-haired old woman's expression softened as she replied kindly, "Yu'er, do you blame me for prohibiting you from leaving this place and searching for your family and your beloved? Do you blame me for isolating you here for twenty years, preventing you from having your revenge?"

    The woman in white shook her head. Her voice was as gentle as the wind when she replied, "I don't blame you. Besides, if you had not saved me that year, I fear that I would have become a corpse by now. How would I have the chance to see my husband and children again?"

    "Yu'er, I had saved you that year because the Holy Beast in the clan had guided me to you. If you had not been suitable to become the Sacred Lady of the clan, I would not have made the trip anyway." The white-haired old woman laughed before sighing gently. "As for prohibiting you from leaving this place for twenty years, I was merely giving you a push. I had hoped that you would be able to fully concentrate on your cultivation for twenty years without paying any attention to the affairs of life. Only then will you be able to experience even more rapid growth. Sometimes, longing for someone is also the best motivation! However, time is running out now..."
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