Chapter 1068: Secret Clan, Dongfang Yu (2)

    Chapter 1068: Secret Clan, Dongfang Yu (2)

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    The woman in white felt shaken. She then knitted her attractive crescent-shaped brows and asked, "Master, what do you mean?"

    "Yu'er, do you know why the Secret Clan has hidden ourselves from the world?"

    "I do not."

    "The Secret Clan has never appeared before the eyes of the world because our clan holds a responsibility which has been passed down for generations. A powerful cultivator had given us this duty over ten thousand years ago, asking the Secret Clan to keep one particular person under control. To this day, the Clan Leaders from the subsequent generations of the Secret Clan have had no knowledge of who this person was. All we know is that our clan members must always be on guard."

    This was the first time she had heard the Secret Clan's bitter secret and it caused the woman in white's face to show a sense of shock which then quickly disappeared.

    "The Secret Clan's members have never liked fame or fortune but that does not mean that the world is ignorant of the Secret Clan's existence. After all, thousands of years of inner secrets is not something which can be compared with other organizations! Also, the Secret Clan has been in hiding for so many years that we aren't willing to pay too much attention to the rules and grudges of the world. Hence, Yu'er, you must exact your revenge on your own. The Secret Clan will not provide you with any aid, do you understand?"

    The woman in white laughed.

    Her laughter carried an icy-cold murderous intent and a sense of determination.

    "That year, those people had wrenched my family apart and schemed to take my son. No matter what, I won't let them get away with it! When the time comes for me to leave the Secret Clan, it will also be the day for me to stab my enemies with my blade! Master, even if you had not mentioned this to me, I would not have allowed the Secret Clan to step in! I will only use my own hands to exact my own revenge!"

    The white-haired old woman smiled in satisfaction. "Ah, that's right. Yu'er, even though the Secret Clan will not aid you, there is one thing that I can tell you - the Lin family is only a tool being used by another. Your true enemy is the one backing the Lin family!"

    The one backing the Lin family?

    The woman in white laughed icily. "Regardless of who my opponent is, I will not let them get away! However, Master, I'd like to ask you something - why had the Lin family tried to take my son away?"

    "This..." The white-haired old woman furrowed her brows and shook her head. "I'm not too sure either. I can say that not even the Lin family knows the reason why. They had only been following their orders."

    The woman in white then fell silent and said nothing more.

    After a long pause, she lifted her head and turned towards the white-haired old woman before saying, "Master, if I wish to destroy the Lin family and the power behind them, is it possible?"

    "Yu'er, you do whatever you want. While the Secret Clan can't help you directly, if you were to commit a monstrous slaughter and the people who guard the First City wish to punish you, the Secret Clan will step out to protect you. I believe that they would listen to our words."

    "Thank you, Master." The woman in white joined her fists and replied, "I will return to the mountain and continue my cultivation."

    With her Master's reassurance, it would be easier for her to do what she needed to do.

    At least she would not need to fear for the future!

    "Go ahead."

    The white-haired old woman waved her hand. She was quite satisfied with this disciple.

    Furthermore, this disciple had been chosen as the Sacred Lady of the Secret Clan. Hence, the Secret Clan would ensure her safety no matter what.


    Celestial Mountain Forest.

    The crowd paused in their steps outside the mysterious cave. Old Man Jiang then turned towards Gu Ruoyun and said, "Gu girl, this is the place that we've found. Stay by my side from here on in case some sinister people try to harm you in secret."
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