Chapter 1069: Secret Clan, Dongfang Yu (3)

    Chapter 1069: Secret Clan, Dongfang Yu (3)

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    Lan Shao's expression had turned black once again because of the implications in that sentence. He then glanced at Old Man Jiang again before quietly shrinking back to Bai Yin's side.

    "Miss Bai Yin, what should we do?"

    Bai Yin sent Lan Shao an icy glare as she replied frostily, "You don't need to ask me what to do. Still, I can tell you with utmost certainty that the Grand Lord is extremely disgusted with this woman. Back then, if I had not pleaded for the Grand Lord to have mercy on her, he would not have let her off merely for my sake. However, I never thought that she would still find the Grand Lord unforgettable. If the Grand Lord ever finds out about this, he would certainly become very angry. Therefore, if you want to gain the Grand Lord's favor, you mustn't spare this woman!"

    A murderous intent flashed across Lan Shao's eyes.

    He has clearly chosen the Grand Lord's over the genius.

    As long as he could gain Grand Lord Hong Lian's favor, then he would spare no effort to kill this woman!

    "Thank you for explaining the situation to me, Miss Bai Yin. I know what to do now."

    He lifted his head and looked at Gu Ruoyun's back as the corners of his mouth curled into an eerie smile.

    Gu Ruoyun, who was walking at the front of the group, sensed a creepy murderous intent coming from behind her. A cold laugh sparked within her heart but she did not say much as she entered the mysterious cave.


    Old Man Jiang also sensed that bloodthirsty gaze, causing him to laugh bitterly and say, "I hope that Lan Shao will wake up to reality and won't try to commit an unforgivable mistake. Even though I don't like Lan Shao all that much, we're still part of the Four Great Families."

    Of course, if Lan Shao wishes to hurt Gu Ruoyun, he would have no choice but to cut off all ties.

    Forget about Gu Ruoyun's talent, simply based on the fact that she had saved his life, he would not sit quietly and watch!

    "Let's go."

    Old Man Gu sighed gently as well. Lan Shao's abilities are unlike his younger brother's. Sadly, the Lan family's only outstanding member had been struck down at the prime of his life and the son he had left behind, Lan Ge, was a good-for-nothing...

    The Old Master of the Lan family was also unconcerned about matters regarding his family at the moment. Hence, Old Man Gu had the feeling that the Lan family would be destroyed by Lan Shao's hand sooner or later.

    This mountain cave was not damp like other caves. On the contrary, it was shockingly dry. Images of the Four Divine Beasts have been carved into the mountain rocks. It was vivid and lifelike with a commanding presence.

    Gu Ruoyun was a little shocked.

    What is this cave's origin and why would it have the images of the Azure Dragon and the Four Divine Beasts carved near it?

    Besides, the location of this mountain cave was not exactly hidden. Could it be that no one has ever noticed it even after such a long time?

    Gu Ruoyun asked the question in her heart as she thought of this fact, "Old Man Jiang, how did you manage to find this place? Why did the villagers who had lived around here for so many years never notice this cave before?"

    Old Man Jiang laughed bitterly, "Actually, Old Man Gu and I had witnessed the creation of this mountain cave with our own eyes when we were here last night. What I can recall is, after we had seen the light from the Divine Weapon last night, this mountain cave had then appeared out of thin air! Hence, we concluded that the Divine Weapon must be inside this mountain cave."

    Old Man Jiang's usage of the words 'out of thin air' made the others feel even more puzzled over the mountain cave's origins.

    Gu Ruoyun furrowed her brows.

    Could it be that this mountain cave was somehow related to the Nine Emperors?

    Otherwise, why would this mountain cave appear right after the Nine Emperors' birth?

    Suddenly, Gu Ruoyun seemed to remember something and her eyes sparkled.

    She was curious about when the Nine Emperors had contracted itself to her and she also wanted to know the Nine Emperors' origins. Perhaps this mountain cave could answer all her questions...
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