Chapter 1072: Zixies Homecoming (1)

    Chapter 1072: Zixie's Homecoming (1)

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    However, it was already too late!

    She was now in the middle of the boiling lava, how could she possibly soar into the sky! She could only stare with wide eyes as the lava slowly swallowed her body away from their sight.

    "It's a good thing that I've brought a ranged spiritual weapon with defense abilities. Coupled with the fact that we had been able to escape in time, we managed to avoid disaster this time."

    Lan Shao wiped the cold sweat from his brow. He then descended to a safe place, put Bai Yin down, before slowly heaving a sigh of relief.

    As for the cultivators who had tagged along with him, they had not been as lucky. Everyone could hear those cultivators falling into the magma like dumplings. They then no longer showed any signs of life...

    Old Man Jiang was dazed as he stared dumbfoundedly at the boiling magma and muttered to himself.

    "She had reacted so quickly, she had clearly been able to escape. Why..."

    Why would she have given up on her own hope for survival and save us instead?

    This was a question which Old Man Jiang could not figure out.

    Old Man Gu laughed bitterly and his face looked just as sorrowful. "Perhaps this was the noble and pure aspect of her personality, she had given her own life for the sake of others. Old Man Jiang, not only do you owe her your life, I owe her my life as well. If she had not saved us, perhaps we would be the ones buried in the lava. However, we can never repay her for this selfless act."

    Suddenly, Old Man Jiang seems to remember something and lunged madly towards Bai Yin who was now shielded behind Lan Shao.

    "If it had not been for you, the Gu girl would not have fallen into the lava. Do you, as Grand Lord Hong Lian's emissary, not possess even a single shred of common sense? You had carelessly activated an unknown piece of machinery!"

    Bai Yin knitted her crescent-shaped brows, clearly unsatisfied with Old Man Jiang's accusations.

    Her eyes were cold and distant as she stared emotionlessly at Old Man Jiang's reddened eyes. "Old Man Jiang, I merely wish to obtain the Divine Weapon. Who would have expected for it to turn out this way? This is not my fault, she had simply not been careful enough."


    Old Man Jiang burst into maniacal laughter as his elderly eyes stared fixedly at Bai Yin's mildly pale features.

    "She's not careful enough? She was the most cautious out of all of us! However, because she had wanted to save Old Man Gu and me, we've cost her her life! You've committed a mistake yet you continue to act so innocently. Is this the true face of Grand Lord Hong Lian's emissary? With an emissary like you, I believe that the Grand Lord Hong Lian is no different!"

    Old Man Jiang held his fists tightly as he glared ferociously at Bai Yin.

    A cold light shot across Bai Yin's eyes as she replied icily, "It is not within your right to preach about how the Red Lotus Territory manages their business. Grand Lord Hong Lian is not someone whom you can insult! Furthermore, as an emissary of the Red Lotus Territory, I'm showing you great honor just by standing here and speaking to you! Even if the Red Lotus Territory has committed a mistake, no one would dare accuse us of being in the wrong!"

    Old Man Jiang laughed maniacally again. His laughter was full of disdain.

    "It seems that the members of Red Lotus Territory are like dogs who threaten others based on its master's power! What a shame that I've once placed Grand Lord Hong Lian in such high esteem! If you had been an average member of the Red Lotus Territory, I would not have insulted him either. Yet, he had chosen someone like you as his emissary. This alone is enough to prove that there's nothing good about him either! An emissary is a representative of the Territory itself and one can conclude the Territory's management style simply based on how the emissary manages their matters."

    "Old Man Jiang."

    Old Man Gu was afraid that Old Man Jiang has gone mad with rage. He quickly pulled him away and sighed gently as he said, "Don't be too hasty. The Gu girl is no longer here now so we have the responsibility to take care of her family so that she can leave in peace."
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