Chapter 1075: Zixies Homecoming (4)

    Chapter 1075: Zixie's Homecoming (4)

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    As Gu Ruoyun's entire face filled with astonishment, a flash of red robes appeared in the image.

    That flash of red robes was very familiar and made her heart beat faster. However, just as Gu Ruoyun wanted to continue watching the scene, the image suddenly vanished...

    The entire cave was now as quiet as before.

    Gu Ruoyun fell silent as her eyes scanned the entire cave before landing on a stove in the middle of the cave.

    "So the Nine Emperors had been born here. No wonder it had led me to this place. However, I'm very curious who that person is who had the ability to create treasures like Divine Weapons."

    The most intriguing thing to her was that flash of red robes which had entered the picture in the end.

    Sadly, the image had disappeared too quickly for her to identify the person in red robes who had entered the cave.

    "Zixie, it seems that the bottom of this lava pit is the Nine Emperors' birthplace. There's nothing more here. Let's go, it's time that we leave this place too." Gu Ruoyun slowly curled the corners of her lips as a murderous intent flashed in her eyes.

    "We will now make our way to Main City. I won't allow anyone to utilize the Red Lotus Territory's name to swindle others."

    Zixie smiled. "We can leave this place through this cave. Little girl, there's a reason behind the Nine Emperors' recognition of you as its Master."


    Gu Ruoyun was in shock. Could it be that the woman who had forged the Nine Emperors was someone familiar to me?

    Or are we related by blood? Is that why the Nine Emperors had chosen me?

    Gu Ruoyun could not help but laugh at the thought. She then shook her head. She definitely feels that she has never met that woman before! As for the Nine Emperors' reasons for choosing her, perhaps she shares some similarities with that woman...

    "Zixie, I know that you're unwilling to explain everything to me. However, I believe that I will find the answers myself one day."

    She does not like to bombard others with questions. Since Zixie was unwilling to elaborate, she would not force him to either.

    She then walked further into the deep recesses of the cave...


    Wind Fall Village.

    In a mountain cave at the back of the village, a flaming dragon was hovering in a circle, absorbing the spiritual force from the air.

    This flaming dragon could not be compared to the one in the lava because its body was only half the size of the lava pit's flaming dragon's body! Most importantly, this flaming dragon was only a spiritual body and its soul was paper-thin as if it could turn into ashes and scatter into the air at any moment.

    "Damn it, how could I have been so unlucky? I only wanted to find a physical body to take me away from this place yet I had ended up bumping into that God of Plagues who had consumed almost all of my soul! I don't know how many years it will take before I can cultivate myself back to my original state."

    The flaming dragon looked to be filled with grief. It was likely that the most regretful mistake of his life was for taking a liking towards that God of Plagues' physical body. In the end, he had nearly ended up losing his own soul.

    If that God of Plagues' body had not felt full as she swallowed his soul, he believes that the fellow would have cleanly finished his entire spirit like eating a bowl of rice.

    "Forget it, I think it's safer for me to stay in this cave for the rest of my life. Humans are too scary! They are even scarier than demons! I don't want to run into that God of Plagues for the rest of my life!"

    The more the flaming dragon thought of it, the more it felt like he was making the right decision. Losing his freedom was better than having his soul scattered across the world. To him, nothing was safer than being inside the cave.

    As he thought it over, the flaming dragon began to feel happier. Just as he was about to continue restoring his soul, he suddenly noticed two people walking out from the mountain cave behind him...
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