Chapter 1077: Main City, Four Great Families (1)

    Chapter 1077: Main City, Four Great Families (1)

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    Zixie's eyes had remained fixated on Gu Ruoyun the entire time while a gentle smile danced upon his handsome and wicked features. How could he fail to realize that Gu Ruoyun was scaring the flaming dragon on purpose?

    She had never intended to cause any further trouble for the flaming dragon from the beginning. However, the flaming dragon had completely lost his nerve so how could she miss out on the opportunity to take advantage of that?


    Main City.

    The position of this city in the Northern Block Territory is equivalent to the Imperial City. It was also the gathering place for powerful cultivators!

    Everyone knows that the Four Great Families control Main City. The Four Great Families may seem to get along harmoniously on the surface but in reality, they were constantly competing against one another in secret. Out of the four families, the Jiang family and the Gu family have created a marriage alliance in order to solidify relations. Even though the Gu family only had Gu Lan, a girl, in their third generation, she has long been betrothed to the Jiang family. Amongst the numerous youngsters of the Jiang family, anyone who could win her affections will become the Jiang family's heir.

    However, even though the Jiang family had given Gu Lan the right to choose her suitor, she has no wish to be made into a tool for marriage alliance. She had run away from Main City a year ago and her whereabouts were now unknown! To this day, no one has been able to locate her.

    The other two Families of Main City have created an alliance as well. However, because they did not have a marriage alliance, the relationship between both parties could not be compared to the one between the Gu and the Jiang family.

    At this moment, an old man was sitting cross-legged on the floor in the Lan family's secret chamber. There was no sign of any emotions on his elderly features.

    Lan Shao, the Master of the Lan family, stood in front of him in a very deferential manner. He did not dare say a word before the old man had spoken first. He only glanced at the old man in front of him from the corner of his eye from time to time.

    If anyone else were here, they would certainly be able to guess the old man's identity.

    Who else could make Lan Shao act with such reverence aside from the Old Master of the Lan family who had been in closed-door cultivation for many years?


    Just as Lan Shao was beginning to grow fidgety, the old man finally opened his mouth, "I've heard that a woman has offended the Red Lotus Territory's emissary a while ago?"

    Lan Shao did not know what the Old Master had meant by that question. He replied respectfully, "Apparently, that woman had seduced the Grand Lord of Red Lotus Territory which had made Miss Bai Yin very angry. However, that woman has already received retribution and has been annihilated in lava."

    The Old Master sighed and said, "Miss Bai Yin is an emissary of Red Lotus Territory so there's nothing wrong if you listened to her. However, Shao'er, the Lan family is an estate which has been inherited from our ancestors. I don't want it to be destroyed by the hands of your generation. Do you understand?"

    Lan Shao joined his fists while his entire face was filled with reverence. "Father, I understand. I only wish to establish a good relationship with the Red Lotus Territory so I don't dare offend Miss Bai Yin."

    "Mm." The Old Master nodded. "I've heard that a genius girl has soared across the horizon in the Medicine Sect's general meeting a while ago. She has even refined a legendary pill. Besides, I've heard that she has arrived in the Northern Block Territory. During this period of time, please tell the members of the Lan family to stop causing trouble for the Medicine Manor's subordinates and send some people to keep a close watch on the Medicine Manor. I believe that she would certainly head to the Medicine Sect's official residence in Main City once she has arrived here. You must establish a good relationship with this genius. In comparison with the Red Lotus Territory, that Gu Ruoyun woman is more important!"

    Even though the Old Master has been in closed-door cultivation for over ten years, he was very aware of everything which was going on in the world outside.

    Even Lan Shao did not know why even the slightest sign of disturbance or trouble in the mainland could not be kept from him.

    "Father, even if you had not mentioned it, I know. No one can surpass the position of a pill master on the mainland. Even Bai Yin, an emissary of the Red Lotus Territory, could not be compared to her!" A light flickered in Lan Shao's eyes. "Hence, I will establish a good relationship with her before any other organization no matter what. Especially before the Jiang family and Gu family! As long as Gu Ruoyun has a preference for us, we would probably anger those old fogies to death!"

    Now, each time Lan Shao remembered everything that the Jiang and Gu family had done to the Lan family, he would gnash his teeth hatefully.
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