Chapter 1078: Main City, Four Great Families (2)

    Chapter 1078: Main City, Four Great Families (2)

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    "I never thought that we would arrive in Main City so soon. Unfortunately, I could not find any of the other medicinal herbs along the way."

    Outside the city gate, a green-robed woman paused in her steps. Her eyes stared at the grand, ancient city gate in a profound manner before muttering, "Let's go. I'm going to the Medicine Manor for a while. Since the Medicine Sect has given the Northern Block Territory to me, the Medicine Manor shall be our official lodgings in the Northern Block Territory from now on."

    She slowly walked through the city gates as she spoke.

    The man in purple robes who was following next to her smiled mildly. His purple eyes were like colored glass and displayed an enchanting light. There was no doubt that this man was extremely handsome. Clad in long purple robes, he looked awe-inspiring, demonic, and incomparably noble.

    He looked like a true aristocrat and was so beautiful that he could strike a chord in one's heart!

    Once the pair walked into Main City, they immediately attracted numerous people's attention. The crowd's gaze seemed to be fixed squarely on their backs.

    They have never seen such a beautiful and peerless man before. If he were to glance back and smile at them, they would willingly give everything that they had to him. However, the man's eyes only beheld the woman in green next to him and his smile only blossomed for her alone.

    "Zixie, we're here."

    Suddenly, the woman in green next to him paused in her steps. Her light, pure, and honest voice was like a gentle breeze which brushed across every ear.

    The people who initially had their eyes on Zixie instantly turned their gaze towards the official residence in front of the woman. When they saw the sign on the official residence, everyone found it beyond comprehension.

    The words on the sign were very clear. Even though it was a little run down, it was not unfamiliar to the people of Main City.

    Medicine Manor!

    The first place that the strange man and woman are visiting is Medicine Manor?

    Everyone in the Northern Block Territory knows the story behind the Medicine Manor's Master! The Medicine Sect may hold an awe-inspiring presence in the world outside but the powerful cultivators from the Four Great Families in Main City have already achieved the high-level Martial Supreme rank. They were only one step away from becoming a Martial Saint.

    Hence, even though the Medicine Sect was the Master of the Northern Block Territory, they would not attach any importance to the Medicine Sect anyway, what more serve those people.

    When they saw the two figures enter Medicine Manor, the people on the street began to erupt into a fervent discussion.

    "Can you guess who they are?"

    "I don't know. Doesn't the Medicine Sect frequently send people to take care of the Medicine Manor? Unfortunately, those people have left one by one after being threatened by the Four Great Families. If my guess is right, the person who has arrived in the Medicine Manor must be the young genius."

    "Tsk, tsk, so what if she's a genius? They may be considered as a genius in the Medicine Sect but this is the Northern Block Territory's land. Even if the Sect Master of the Medicine Sect were to arrive, the Four Great Families' cultivators can make him leave with his tail between his legs! I never thought that the Medicine Sect would be so persistent. My advice is that they should surrender the deed to the Northern Block Territory."

    "Are you mad? Haven't you heard of the young pill master who had emerged from the Medicine Sect a while ago? I hear that the Medicine Sect has already given the Northern Block Territory to that pill master. If this land belongs to her, perhaps the Four Great Families would never be so impudent from now on! Such a peerless genius like this is a person that any organization would wish to recruit."

    Pill master?

    Instantly, someone who overheard this began to snort disdainfully. "The Medicine Sect has indeed granted the Northern Block Territory to that pill master. However, do you really think that pill masters would be so idle and have time to watch over the territory? I think that the person who has been sent over this time is only a genius from the Medicine Sect. People like that pill master would never possibly come to a place like this!"
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