Chapter 1079: Main City, Four Great Families (3)

    Chapter 1079: Main City, Four Great Families (3)

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    Everyone else nodded in agreement.

    That was right. As a pill master, how could Gu Ruoyun possibly have the time to manage the Medicine Manor? Therefore, the Medicine Sect must have sent one of their geniuses this time! The conclusion to this was also very obvious. Their fate would not be any better than those who had come before them.

    How unfortunate that such a wickedly handsome man would also meet a downfall from the Four Great Families' attacks...

    "What did you say?"

    At the Lan family home.

    Lan Shao instantly rose to his feet from his chair. His face was filled with joy. "Were you speaking the truth? Someone has spotted two young people entering Medicine Manor?"

    "Reporting to the Master," a bodyguard joined his fists as he replied respectfully, "This subordinate has indeed noticed two people entering Medicine Manor while I was patrolling the streets. Therefore, I had quickly returned to report this to you, Master."

    "Good, very good! I am going to make a trip to Medicine Manor right now. Servants, bring me the spiritual weapon that I've obtained not too long ago. I believe that this spiritual weapon can successfully grant us Master Gu's good favor towards the Lan family."

    Lan Shao smiled imeperatively. From his point of view, no one could resist the lull of a spiritual weapon.

    He believes that Gu Ruoyun was just the same!

    As long as he establishes a good relationship with her before the other Great Families, pills would then be rolling towards them! By then, collapsing the other Families would not be an impossible feat.


    The Medicine Manor.

    It could not be compared to the majesty of the Medicine Sect on the mainland. The entire courtyard was wretched and a hunch-backed old man was sweeping the courtyard in a slow and deliberate manner.

    The old man was shocked when he noticed Gu Ruoyun and Zixie's arrival. He paused his actions and asked in a hoarse voice, "May I ask who you are looking for?"

    Gu Ruoyun smiled faintly. "The Medicine Sect's Master hasn't informed you of my arrival?"

    "You..." The old man instantly regained his senses. His body shook mildly as he exclaimed with excitement, "You're Great Master Gu Ruoyun?"

    Gu Ruoyun mildly nodded as her eyes surveyed the entire courtyard. Her voice was as indifferent as the wind. "This Medicine Manor is rather large. Are you the only one here?

    "That's right." The old man laughed bitterly. "I'm the housekeeper of Medicine Manor, Zhang Lin. As for the rest, they have all lost their endurance from the Four Great Families' coercion and run away. The position of the Medicine Manor is rather awkward in the Northern Block Territory. That's why the Four Great Families have been pushing us around. I'm the only one left now."

    Gu Ruoyun has long been aware that the people of Northern Block Territory would not welcome anyone from the Medicine Sect. However, she never thought that it would be this bad.

    She fell silent.

    She finally replied after a long pause, "From now on, I will be managing the Northern Block Territory. I will also be taking care of the Medicine Manor. You will continue your position as the housekeeper of Medicine Manor while I'll take care of everything else myself."

    Wei Yiyi and the others have been in closed-door cultivation for a very long time. Their powers have experienced a quality breakthrough so it was time to let them out now.

    "Miss Gu, I've never left this place at all because I could not bear to leave it. Now that you've arrived, I will most certainly hand the Medicine Manor over to you. You only need to give me some food. I don't mind even if I'm no longer the housekeeper."

    Housekeeper Zhang laughed bitterly and sighed as he replied.

    She did not know why but as she stared at the old man's plain features, the image of the villagers from Wind Fall Village appeared in Gu Ruoyun's mind. Her eyes took on a hint of absent-mindedness. Shortly after, she returned to her senses and smiled faintly. "You would be more familiar when it comes to matters pertaining to Main City. Besides, you have been the housekeeper for such a long time. That's why I had asked you to continue being the housekeeper. However, since I've arrived, no one will cause trouble for the Medicine Manor from now on. You can rest assured."
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