Chapter 1081: Main City, Four Great Families (5)

    Chapter 1081: Main City, Four Great Families (5)

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    Once she had finished speaking, Gu Ruoyun then turned towards Zixie and her expression became serious.

    "Zixie, I want you to place a formation around the Medicine Manor. If word about my arrival was to get out, the Lin family members will most certainly make their way here to cause trouble! We must guard against any unexpected events!"

    "Don't worry, with me around, there won't be any issues." Zixie smiled. "I'll arrange a formation after this so that humans at the Martial Saint rank and above won't be able to enter this official residence."

    Even thought Zixie does not really place any importance on the Lin family, one can get careless. He was afraid that his own negligence would cause Gu Ruoyun harm. Hence, setting up a formation was the most secure solution.

    He will make it so that even if he was not in the Medicine Manor, no one could harm her.

    "Alright, I'll leave you to handle that matter. As I've arrived in the Main City, I should meet with my friends. I have a feeling that those two old fellows must think that I'm buried beneath the lava."

    Zixie did not need to think too far to know who she was referring to when he heard Gu Ruoyun's words.

    "Leave the matters here to us. Now, there's no one on the mainland who can harm you as long as they aren't from the First City."


    He seemed to have thought of something and Zixie's handsome features slowly sank. Gu Ruoyun, on the other hand, was deep in her own thoughts and had not noticed the slight change in his expression.


    The First City.

    At the Lin family residence!

    An old man was seated on the chief's seat as he twisted the teacup in his hand tightly. The ceramic cup then shattered into pieces with a crash. However, it did very little to quell the anger in his heart.

    "Useless rubbish. Truly a bunch of useless rubbish! They only needed to capture a newly-minted Martial Supreme woman yet after leaving for such a long time they haven't done anything! They've not even kept up with the correspondence! The Lin family has truly wasted our resources in nurturing this bunch of useless things!"

    The old man's fist clenched tighter and tighter, crushing the ceramic shards in his hand into dust. He did not seem to realize it.

    "Bad news! Master, something bad has happened!"

    Just as the old man was about to continue to rage on, an anxious voice rang out from outside the room. Soon, a guard staggered speedily into the hall and threw himself on his knees before him.

    "Master, something has happened! Multiple estates belonging to the Lin family have been attacked by spiritual beasts! Those spiritual beasts seem to have been driven to insanity. Each time they see a human, they will bite! However, they're only attacking members of the Lin family!"

    "What? Spiritual beasts?"


    The old man instantly rose to his feet. His eyes widened as he roared angrily, "You're saying that spiritual beasts are attacking the members of the Lin family? Has something happened in the Beast Clan? The Lin family and the Beast Clan have always steered clear of one another. Why would the Beast Clan attack us now?"

    "Those spiritual beasts mentioned that since the Lin family has delusions about capturing their Mistress, they are attacking us as retribution."

    The guard's face was full of anxiety. However, he managed to explain the reason behind the matter very clearly in the end.

    The old man was shocked. What arrived next was a wave of fury.

    "Which blind person has laid his hands on a member of the Beast Clan? Investigate this for me. Once you've found the answer, hand them over to the spiritual beasts. Hopefully, that will quell the spiritual beast's fury."

    In the First City, the Beast Clan and humans have never interacted with one another! However, the humans have no choice but to recognize the Beast Clan's power. Only the spiritual beasts of the Beast Clan, regardless of their continuous disputes, would be able to unify against foreign forces. If any human dares to intrude on their land, they would immediately unite and attack the intruders.

    This was also the reason why the Lin family fears the Beast Clan so much.

    Of course, the old man never thought that he was the one who had issued the order to capture their Mistress!
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