Chapter 1082: Main City, Four Great Families (6)

    Chapter 1082: Main City, Four Great Families (6)

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    A flash of red robes like a splendid and moving flame sped towards the mountain's summit.

    The man then stood on top of the mountain with his hands held behind his back while his eyes stared at a patch of sky not too far away. His red robes could not conceal the eerie murderous intent on the man's face. The spiritual beasts around the entire mountain range did not even dare to breathe due to the sight of it. They were like little dogs as they crawled on the ground, afraid that they would provoke the demon.

    "My King, the rest and I have followed your orders and launched an assault on the Lin family. May I ask if you have any other orders?"

    A Tercel descended from the sky. It landed behind Qianbei Ye before turning into a middle-aged man. He knelt respectfully with one knee on the ground as he spoke.

    Aside from respect, most of the look in his gaze towards Qianbei Ye was full of sincerity and reverence.

    This man was a symbol of faith to all spiritual beasts!

    According to the older generation in the Clan, some who have lived for over ten thousand years, if it had not been for this man, spiritual beasts would have been destroyed by the hands of mankind ten thousand years ago! It was this man who had saved the Beast Clan and decided to present the Beast Clan as a gift to a woman! However, later on, this peerless man had vanished. Even the seniors of the clan have not seen him since!

    The life expectancy of spiritual beasts was far longer compared to humans. However, they would still endure birth, aging, illness, and death. When the seniors of the Clan were beginning to think that he would no longer appear, the man arrived before the Beast Clan once again not too long after!

    Upon his appearance, he gave them one responsibility - to cause trouble for the Lin family!

    Was this not an easy feat for the long-established Beast Clan?

    "I am not your King."

    The man in red robes did not turn around but continued to stare at a distance. He then spoke in a cold and distant voice, "You only have one Master. When she appears, you will pledge your loyalty to her. This is an order!"

    "But, my King..." The Tercel was shocked. He then spoke reluctantly, "I'm afraid that the seniors of the Clan would not agree. We want to serve you alone wholeheartedly."


    Just as the Tercel had spoken, he suddenly felt a great, eerie glare upon him. He could not help but shiver.

    "Remember, she is your Master. If you ever dare to show her any form of disrespect..."

    A wave of murderous intent burst from the man's body.

    "I had saved the Beast Clan in the past so similarly, I can destroy all of you right now! I had saved you only for the sake of helping her find aid. Now, if you aren't willing to pledge your loyalty to her, what use do I have for you then?"

    Regardless of the great forces which he had built, everything that he had done had been for her alone, now and forever!

    Because, sooner or later, he would give the people in his hands to her.

    If these powers were of no use to her, they would be useless to him as well. Why not destroy them then!

    The Tercel's heart shuddered. He then anxiously lowered his head and said, "Your wish is my command."

    Qianbei Ye turned away and his eyes stared at the azure skies once again.

    At that moment, his body no longer emitted a murderous aura. It was now replaced by a gentleness which the Tercel had never seen before.

    "Yun'er, now that these spiritual beasts are causing trouble, I believe that the Lin family would not be in any frame of mind to cause trouble for you. It's about time that I come look for you."


    The Main City, at the Jiang family residence.

    Gu Ruoyun paused in her steps outside the gate. She then stared at the imposing Jiang family courtyard and raised her brows before stepping into the residence.
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