Chapter 1084: Main City, Four Great Families (8)

    Chapter 1084: Main City, Four Great Families (8)

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    Wen Yan's voice was as kindly as ever. Hearing it was equivalent to basking in sunlight and it made one feel absolutely delighted.

    "Oh, that's right. I've just bumped into a familiar face. I believe that you must really want to see her, maternal grandfather, so I made the decision to let her in."

    Old Man Jiang laughed bitterly. The only person he really wanted to see now was Gu Ruoyun.

    Sadly, that girl had lost her life in a sea of flames when she sacrificed herself to save him and Old Man Gu. There was no chance of survival for her at all! Therefore, no matter who Wen Yan had brought over, it would not make him happy.

    However, just as Old Man Jiang was about to speak, a serene voice sounded from behind him, causing his elderly figure to tremble.

    "Old Man Jiang, long time no see. You don't look so well."


    One of the chess pieces in Old Man Jiang's hand dropped onto the chessboard. He raised his head unbelievingly as his gaze fell upon the flash of green robes next to Wen Yan. The expression in his eyes changed from shock, astonishment, before slowly turning into ecstatic. He then rose to his feet with a whoosh as his elderly voice trembled from overexcitement.

    "Gu girl? It that really you?"

    She didn't die?

    How could this be? She had fallen into the sea of fire. How could she have survived?

    Wen Yan felt dubious and his eyes darted back and forth between Old Man Jiang and Gu Ruoyun.

    While he knows that his maternal grandfather would be delighted to see Gu Ruoyun, he never expected his maternal grandfather react so happily.

    This was not logical at all!

    Gu Ruoyun smiled gently as she said, "It's me."

    "You..." Old Man Jiang's voice was incredulous. "You aren't dead?"

    "I was lucky." Gu Ruoyun shrugged her shoulders. "Aren't you happy to see that I've survived? Could it be that you want me to die in that sea of flames, Old Man Jiang?"

    That sentence was full of jest but it also convinced Old Man Jiang to completely believe that reality!


    Just as Wen Yan thought that the old man has returned back to normal, a bright and clear laugh erupted from Old Man Jiang.

    His smile was excited and rang throughout the atmosphere in the Jiang family residence.

    "Gu girl, you're really alive! Did you know that you had nearly scared me and Old Man Gu to death that day? Even my grandson had fallen into depression for an entire day when I told him the news. He has only recently begun to work hard in his cultivation."

    After a long time, Old Man Jiang stopped laughing and sighed.

    However, his face could not conceal his excitement.

    If Gu Ruoyun had truly sacrificed herself for them, he and Old Man Gu will forever live in regret! Of course, most of it was sympathy! A peerless genius like her should not have fallen this way! As long as she lives on, one day, this mainland will belong to her.

    "Maternal grandfather," Wen Yan asked as he stared at Old Man Jiang with foggy thoughts, "What on earth happened? What do you mean? What happened to Miss Gu?"

    Old Man Jiang sighed heavily before explaining, "Previously, Old Man Gu and I had run into some danger during our search for a Divine Weapon. Initially, the Gu girl could have escaped. However, she had fallen into a sea of lava in order to save us. If it had not been for her, we would have been the ones who had lost our lives in the lava."

    Wen Yan never thought that so many things would have happened prior to this. His eyes stared at Gu Ruoyun gratefully.

    "Miss Gu, you've already saved my maternal grandfather once. I never thought that you'd end up saving him again. This is a sentiment that would be difficult for us to repay for the rest of our lives."

    Gu Ruoyun smiled but did not say a word.

    After all, her objective was not that simple. The whole of Northern Block Territory that was her real objective!
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