Chapter 1085: Main City, Four Great Families (9)

    Chapter 1085: Main City, Four Great Families (9)

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    Just as Old Man Jiang was filled with excitement, a guard rushed right in. "The Master of the Gu family is here for a visit."

    Hearing this, Old Man Jiang's face changed instantly!

    He certainly never forgot how this old fellow had tried to snatch the Gu girl from him! If Old Man Gu finds out that the Gu girl is in his residence and tries to snatch her away, what should he do then? Besides, the Gu girl has returned from the dead so he obviously wants to reminiscence with her. How would he find the time to entertain that old man?

    "I'm not seeing him, I'm not seeing him." Old Man Jiang waved his hand. Suddenly, he seemed to remember something and added, "Oh, that's right, tell Old man Gu that I've gone out to run some errands. I'll only be returning around half a month's time."

    Once half a month has gone by, he will reveal the news of the Gu girl's survival to that old man!

    During this period of time, he would certainly have the youngsters of the Jiang family establish a good relationship with the Gu girl.

    Even though there were no males in the Gu family's third generation, if the Gu family actually manages to bend the Gu girl to the same gender, who shall he send his lamentations to then?

    "Hahaha, you old fart. Who is only returning in half a month?"

    Unfortunately, just as Old Man Jiang had spoken, a loud laugh rang out from outside the courtyard.

    Old Man Jiang's face instantly blackened!

    This old fellow had just barged right in! That's it, I'm finished. There's no time for me to hide the Gu girl now!

    Indeed, when the flash of blue robes entered the courtyard, the old man instantly froze in place.

    "You... Gu girl... You're alive?" Old Man Gu looked completely astonished as he stared at Gu Ruoyun in disbelief. His body trembled.

    Both him and Old Man Jiang have been living in remorse for the past few months.

    If they had not dragged the Gu girl to search for the Divine Weapon, perhaps she would not have had to sacrifice herself for their lives. The initially peaceful state of Main City would also not have been shattered due to Gu Ruoyun's demise! They had pushed all of their rage onto the Lan family. Hence, at this point in time, the Great Families were as incompatible as oil and water!

    "Old Man Gu, how have you been these days?"

    Gu Ruoyun smiled.

    She has a fondness for Old Man Gu simply because he had chosen to stand with her and face Bai Yin's threats,

    Old Man Gu finally regained his senses and exclaimed excitedly, "Old Man Jiang and I thought you were dead, we didn't think that you would still be alive! This is too fantastic! Old Man Jiang and I have previously discussed this - that as a token of our gratitude, we would make the appropriate arrangements for your kin. We have already sent a letter to inform the Holy Doctor and the others and have detailed everything which has happened very clearly in our letter."


    Gu Ruoyun was astonished. She never expected that the two old men would have informed her Master of her accident.

    If Master finds out about this, the news would certainly reach my father's ears.

    Gu Ruoyun knitted her brows at the thought as a hint of exasperation flashed across her forehead.

    "Gu girl, what is it?" Old Man Gu could not comprehend Gu Ruoyun's reaction and asked in astonishment.

    "Oh, it's nothing." Gu Ruoyun shook her head. "However, I'd advise you both to be prepared. Main City will not be at peace for very much longer."

    If my father finds out that I was in danger, he would overturn the whole of Northern Block Territory.

    Especially the Lan Family.

    Not a single soul would be spared!

    Otherwise, that overprotective father of mine would not be given the title of a madman. However, I must inform Lan Ge about this matter. Regardless, Lan Ge is still a member of the Lan family...
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