Chapter 1086: The Visit (1)

    Chapter 1086: The Visit (1)

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    The Medicine Manor.

    The old housekeeper was sweeping the fallen leaves on courtyard's ground with a broom in a slow and unhurried manner.

    Lan Shao has just brought his group into the Medicine Manor when he saw the grey-robed, filthy old housekeeper. He knitted his brows in disgust and a cold and distant light flashed in his eyes. He barked haughtily at the housekeeper, "The Lan family is here to pay the Master of the Medicine Manor a visit. Go and inform her quickly."

    The old housekeeper did not seem to notice Lan Shao's presence and continued to devote his attention towards cleaning up the leaves in the courtyard. The sound of sweeping continued to fill the quiet air of the courtyard.

    "Our Master has spoken to you. Did you hear him at all?"

    The guards behind Lan Shao noticed that the old man had the audacity to ignore their Master and were enraged. They instantly moved to deal with the old man.

    However, Lan Shao did not give them a chance to do so as he raised his hand and stopped the Lan family guards. He then stared at the old housekeeper with an ugly look on his face as he said, "Housekeeper Zhang, would you please inform the Master of then Medicine Manor that the Master of the Lan family has arrived for a visit. If you interfere with my negotiations with your Master, this is not a crime that you can bear."

    The old housekeeper finally reacted. However, he only stared indifferently at Lan Shao before he continued to sweep the fallen leaves in front of him.

    His actions thoroughly angered Lan Shao.

    That's right!

    Gu Ruoyun is indeed very powerful! She's also a pill master too! However, this old man is only a housekeeper in the Medicine Manor yet he dares to act so cockily towards me! Even though I don't dare to offend Gu Ruoyun, I would only be educating a mere housekeeper. I believe that she wouldn't argue with the Lan family because of this.

    Lan Shao's eyes instantly sharpened and the thought. He then sneered, "Housekeeper Zhang, don't be so shameless after one has given you face! Don't forget who really owns Main City. Who do you think you are? I'm going to give you another chance. Inform the Master of the Medicine Manor that Lan Shao is here to see her. Well? Aren't you going?"

    He thought he has given Housekeeper Zhang ample opportunity to amend his mistake. He believed that the old man would not continue to act so audaciously. However, he did not think that the old housekeeper would act like a deaf man and completely ignore him.


    Lan Shao was so angry that his face turned ashen. He was about to fly into a rage when a charming voice chimed in from the front.

    "Housekeeper Zhang, who is causing trouble in the Medicine Manor?"

    A flash of long crimson robes appeared in the gateway. The woman's face carried a charming smile but that smile did not reach her eyes. Her alluring phoenix eyes were filled with an icy chill.

    "Miss Wei," the old housekeeper replied when he saw the woman who had entered the front yard. His elderly features were deferent. "You're here?"

    Wei Yiyi nodded before she slowly turned her gaze towards the Lan family members. The corners of her lips then curled into a charming smile. "Were you the ones causing a disturbance?"

    Lan Shao knitted his brows as he stared at the woman in red who had just stepped out from the front yard. According to the rumors, the woman named Gu Ruoyun has clear and elegant features. However, the woman in front of him was dressed in red robes and was extremely glamorous. Furthermore, Housekeeper Zhang had addressed her as Miss Wei. Obviously, she was not Gu Ruoyun.

    "I am Lan Shao, Master of the Lan family. I'm here to visit Great Master Gu. Please inform her of my arrival, Miss."

    As he was not too sure of the woman in red's status, Lan Shao had spoken with a hint of courtesy.

    "My apologies, there have been too many people who have requested to see my Master over the past few days. Every person of minor importance seems to want to gain my Master's favor so please don't even think about it. Old housekeeper, send the guests away!" Wei Yiyi laughed icily as she instructed.
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