Chapter 1087: The Visit (2)

    Chapter 1087: The Visit (2)

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    She certainly has not forgotten how Lan Shao was allied with Bai Yin and had both worked together to harm Gu Ruoyun.

    Hence, why would she allow them to enter the Medicine Manor?

    Besides, Gu Ruoyun had already issued an order - anyone who wishes to see her should be kept outside the door!

    Lan Shao never expected his request to be denied again. His face sank and he smiled scornfully. "Miss, I'm being polite to you because you are Great Master Gu's loyal servant girl! However, servants are servants! When have they ever been the ones to make decisions for their masters? Let me give you a piece of advice, pass my message to Great Master Gu. Do you think that you can bear Great Master Gu's loss if you interfere in my negotiations with her?"

    In the beginning, he was not really aware of Wei Yiyi's status. That was why he had been so polite to her.

    However, this woman had addressed Great Master Gu as her master so this proves that she was only at the level of a servant! Even though Great Master Gu was a pill master, he was the Master of the Lan family after all. Regardless of identity or position, he was certainly more powerful than a servant! Great Master Gu had not reached her current level simply because she was good at covering up her brain-dead mistakes! She cannot possibly bicker with him over a little servant girl.

    Wei Yiyi's eyes frosted over when she heard Lan Shao's haughty tone. She then laughed disdainfully, "I don't think that you have anything important to discuss with my Master! Housekeeper Zhang, send the guests away. From this day forth, don't let anyone from the Lan family take one step into the Manor."


    Lan Shao burst into exaggerated laughter as if he had heard something very funny.

    His laughter was full of anger as his eyes glared fixedly at Wei Yiyi.

    "Miss, have you ever heard of the phrase 'the man who can recognize the facts of a situation is a paragon of men'? If your shamelessness causes your Master to lose benefits, do you think that your Master will spare you? When that time comes, don't come begging me for mercy."

    The old housekeeper shook his head and sighed.

    Perhaps, as the housekeeper of Medicine Manor, he was the only one who understands Wei Yiyi's status. After all, Miss Wei has always addressed Great Master Gu as her  Master 1  . It was clear from this that the two did not have an average relationship. Besides, so what if Miss Wei was a servant? There was a saying that goes 'if one wishes to hit a dog, one should look at its master as well'. However, Lan Shao was causing a disturbance in another's property.

    Wei Yiyi curled her lips and laughed alluringly. Her phoenix eyes were filled with disdain as she spoke in a voice tinged with scorn, "I'm sorry, these are my Master's orders. My Master has mentioned that she won't be receiving any guests! If you don't wish to be thrown out, you may leave on your own! Otherwise..."

    She gently narrowed her eyes as a threatening light flashed across her pupils.

    "Haha," Lan Shao laughed maniacally. He then took a deep breath to suppress the fiery rage in his heart before replying curtly, "I'd like to see what's going to happen otherwise! Miss, I don't believe that Great Master Gu is refusing to receive guests! There's no need for you to use her name to threaten me! That is useless!"

    Surely Gu Ruoyun intends to establish a good relationship with the Four Great Families after arriving in Main City as that would be the only way for her to take root here.

    If she really refuses to see visitors, she would certainly offend many people! Hence, she would not be so stupid as to make this kind of decision!

    "Tsk, tsk, tsk. I've never met anyone quite so shameless. My Master has already declared that she would not be receiving visitors yet you insist on staying. Could it be that you want me to escort you out?"
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