Chapter 1088: The Visit (3)

    Chapter 1088: The Visit (3)

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    An adorable-sounding laugh suddenly rang out, causing Lan Shao to jump in shock.

    He had been surprised because that laughter had sounded so child-like. However, the tone of manner behind the laugh was so domineering.

    As he was deep in thought, a petite little figure jumped down from an old tree and landed in front of them.

    It was a cute little girl around five to six years of age. Her fair little face was flushed pink like a crystal doll. It was not difficult to see that when this little girl grows up, she would become exceptionally lovely. She would be like a peerless beauty whose beauty could damage a country and cause suffering to the people. However, only the people close to Gu Ruoyun knows that hidden in that little body was an old demon who has lived for over ten thousand years!

    "Where did this child come from?"

    Lan Shao furrowed his brows and exclaimed impatiently, "I have no interest in speaking to a child. Get out of the way!"

    Rude and unreasonable children were the most disgusting things to him in this lifetime! He certainly had no idea what kind of elders could have nutured a child like this!

    The Vermillion Bird's eyes grew cold as her tender and adorable face displayed a cruelty that does not match her years. In fact, her youthful naivety and vivaciousness were instantly diminished.

    Wei Yiyi stared at Lan Shao with pity. After all, amongst all of Gu Ruoyun's spiritual beasts, the one that one should avoid having a confrontation with and who had the worst temper was this little Vermillion Bird! Even if they were to provoke every single one of the spiritual beasts, they should never provoke her. Otherwise, the end result would always be very tragic.

    Hence, Wei Yiyi silently lamented for Lan Shao in her heart before slowly taking a few steps back.

    "Did you just ask me to go away?"

    The Vermillion Bird laughed.

    Her smile was bloodthirsty and cruel as she walked towards Lan Shao.

    Even though Lan Shao had been entranced by her features, he believes that she was only an average child. Hence, he did not see her as an important figure at all.

    "That's right." Lan Shao laughed scornfully and spoke with disdain, "I'm talking about you! I don't know who your parents are but you haven't got a shred of politeness! If it wasn't for Great Master Gu's reputation, I would give you a good education in your parents' place! Alright, I don't want to make idle chit-chat with a little child so step aside. Since you don't want to let me meet Great Master Gu, I'll go look for her myself."

    Lan Shao began to head towards the rear courtyard as he was speaking.


    Just as he was about to enter the rear courtyard, a wave of flames descended from the sky and slashed towards him with a loud whoosh.

    He was only a few centimeters away from that sudden blast of flames!

    Lan Shao was utterly shocked. His face changed from white to green before turning from green to white again. He felt a blockage in his throat and was unable to speak.

    If he had taken one more step just then, those flames would not have landed on the ground but on his head instead!

    Lan Shao stared at the large hole carved on the ground in front of him at the thought of this. He quivered and turned around as he trembled. His terrified gaze then landed upon the petite little figure.

    "Where do you think you're going?" The Vermillion Bird played with the flames on her fingers as she grinned at Lan Shao. A cruel light flashed across her eyes. "Don't worry, I won't make any more moves to stop you. However, my flames don't seem to want to listen to my orders. If you're not careful and your soul ends up getting scattered across the world, it's not going to be my problem."

    The meaning behind what she said was clear - if you dare take another step, what awaits you will be a rain of flames from the sky.
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