Chapter 1089: The Visit (4)

    Chapter 1089: The Visit (4)

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    Each time he thought about that scene, Lan Shao's face would drain of color.

    "What are you?"

    To have the ability to carve a hole in the ground with flames, her ability... Is at least on par with my father.

    However, she is only a five to six year old little lolita. How could such a little girl possibly have such great power at this age?

    "Does an ant like you deserve to know who I am?" asked the Vermillion Bird as she laughed coldly and stared disdainfully at Lan Shao. "However, let me tell you this. When I was born, the Northern Block Territory did not even exist yet!"

    Lan Shao's eyes turned wide.

    Does this little lolita mean that she's older than the Northern Block Territory? Could it be that she's actually an old demon who's using the face of a little lolita?

    Lan Shao's heart instantly turned into ashes when he realized this. He thought that things would be fine as long as he did not offend Gu Ruoyun but who would have thought that she would be surrounded by so many powerful cultivators?

    This makes sense. How else could Gu Ruoyun have reached this stage if she had not been surrounded by several capable people?

    Unfortunately, he had realized this too late...

    "Vermillion Bird," Wei Yiyi glanced at the Vermillion Bird and said, "Don't forget the Master's orders."

    After all, Gu Ruoyun's goal was to subdue the whole of Northern Block Territory! Therefore, the Lan family shall be spared for the time being! Otherwise, if the Lan family was destroyed, the Northern Block Territory would plunge into a sensation! Only after she has completely subdued the Northern Block Territory could they decide on the Lan family's punishment.

    Before that happens, they can't destroy the Lan family!

    Hence, Wei Yiyi was really worried that the Vermillion Bird would lose all rationality in her anger and swallow Lan Shao whole.

    "I know." The Vermillion Bird smiled. "I won't kill these people, I'll only punish them! I order all of you to kowtow every step out of the Medicine Manor! Furthermore, you must kneel on the streets and scold yourselves for acting like b*stards! Of course, the crueler you are with your scoldings, the faster my anger will dissipate. If the strength used in your scoldings is not enough, you kneel and curse yourself for an entire day."

    Hearing this, Lan Shao's expression changed drastically. His voice was filled with anger as he retorted, "A scholar prefers death to humiliation! Though I admit that I'm not as powerful as you, the Lan family has a high-level Martial Supreme as well. Aren't you crossing the line by doing this?"

    A high-level Martial Supreme?

    The Vermillion Bird snorted disdainfully and replied with contempt, "Sure, I'd like to see if the Lan family's powerhouse has the ability to save you that quickly! Besides, do you think that I'd grant you an easy death? Don't worry, I am very kind. I've never hurt anyone, I'll only give you a fate worse than death!"

    When Lan Shao heard the words 'fate worse than death', he clearly felt the temperature in his surroundings rise rapidly around him. It was as if there were raging flames burning next to him and that they could burn his body into ashes.

    Was that enough?


    At that moment, Lan Shao felt as if he was standing in a smelting furnace. It was not only his flesh but even his soul seemed to be burning in the flames.

    This was an agony he had never felt before. He wailed in anguish immediately as his entire body trembled ceaselessly.

    However, no one else was aware of what was happening. Lan Shao, who hade been fine initially, suddenly reacted as if he was in great agony. The look on his face has become absolutely malevolent, it was extremely horrifying.

    "Would you like me to continue?" The Vermillion Bird flashed an evil smile. "This is only a fraction of ten-thousandths of my power! I can increase your agony by ten thousand times more and make it so that you won't be able to lose consciousness!"

    Her smile fell into the eyes of the crowd. It was as if a demon was waving at them.

    The Vermillion Bird never forgot how this fellow had joined forces with that woman named Bai Yin to bully Gu Ruoyun.

    Now that he has presented himself to her, how could she let him off so easily?

    "Please... Please let me go..." Lan Shao was in so much pain that even his teeth chattered and cold sweat was dripping down his brow. "I am willing to do whatever you say, please let me go."

    A scholar does indeed prefer death to humiliation.

    However, enduring humiliation was far better than a fate worse than death!
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