Chapter 1090: The Foolish Lan Shao (1)

    Chapter 1090: The Foolish Lan Shao (1)

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    As soon as Lan Shao had said those words, the scorching furnace-like heat dissipated and he sighed in relief. However, his face would turn into an ugly shade whenever he remembered how he had been dominated by the little lolita's tyrannical abuse.

    "Remember, you have to kneel and kowtow as you go out." The little Vermillion Bird grinned as she stared at the unpleasant look on Lan Shao's face. Her large, vivid eyes were flashing with wickedness. "If you do anything that provokes my displeasure, you can forget about leaving this place today."

    Lan Shao clenched his fist tightly. There was a fiery anger in his heart which felt like it could burst at any moment. He finally took a deep breath before he slowly knelt down and threw himself onto the ground.


    He turned around and kowtowed once. He then began to kowtow at every step as he made his way to the gate.

    The people who had accompanied Lan Shao did not even dare to breathe too heavily as they carefully followed him out of the Medicine Manor.


    Even though the Medicine Manor's courtyard was deserted, there was quite a number of people outside on the street.

    At that moment, the pedestrians who had been rushing about could not help but stop in their tracks. Their astonished gazes were turned towards the middle-aged man who was kowtowing with every step as he made his way out of the Medicine Manor. Some had even begun to suspect that their vison had gone wrong.

    What had they just seen?

    The Master of the Lan family was actually bowing and scraping out of the Medicine Manor? What... What on earth is this?

    Lan Shao seemed to sense their shocked stares as he knelt on the center of the street and took a fierce yet deep breath. He then exclaimed, "I, Lan Shao, am a living animal! I'm worse than a dog or a pig. Even animals are more outstanding than I!"

    Everyone was dumbstruck, they could not understand what had gotten into Lan Shao to have caused him to kneel on the ground and loudly humiliate himself!

    Had he been upset in some way?

    "After offending me, did you think that I would let you off so easily?"

    The little Vermillion Bird was standing in the courtyard while she looked at the middle-aged man who was bowing and scraping in the middle of the street. There was a wicked smile on her tender and adorable features. She produced a pill from her lapel and fiercely crushed it into powder.


    A wind suddenly rose from her sleeves and whirled the powdered pill along until it reached Lan Shao. However, at this moment, Lan Shao had not noticed this at all. He took a deep breath and promptly inhaled the powdered pill into his digestive system.

    Wei Yiyi looked at the little Vermillion Bird who was next to her and shook her head before she stared at Lan Shao with pity once again.

    Did he really think that that would have been enough?

    This little demon would not possibly let him off so easily! Even though she does not know the effects of that pill, she knows very well that the little Vermillion Bird's pill had come from Gu Ruoyun. Its effects would not be normal at all.

    "Help me up."

    Lan Shao's eyes sank as he raised his hand and ordered the person behind him to assist him.

    "Yes, Master."

    The guard behind him quickly tried to help Lan Shao to his feet. However, before he could touch Lan Shao, a gust of wind slapped against the guard's chest with a thud. A loud laugh then burst into the air.


    Lan Shao laughed maniacally. His smile was malicious and terrifying as he said, "Do you all know why I've just called myself an animal? It's because I've never even spared my own brothers! If I had not led the rival family of my good sister-in-law here, they would not have lost their lives! That poor nephew of mine would also never have been labeled as an omen of bad luck!"
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