Chapter 1091: The Foolish Lan Shao (2)

    Chapter 1091: The Foolish Lan Shao (2)

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    Like thunder in a clear sky, everyone was shocked to the core.

    Even the members of the Lan family were dumbfounded. No one ever thought that Lan Shao would fly into madness in public and that he would even spout such drivel.

    "Hmph, the position as Master of the Lan family is mine! If my younger brother was still alive, I would never have obtained the Lan family! Unfortunately, he still has a son. Even though that little b*stard Lan Ge doesn't have any cultivation abilities, he's naturally intelligent so father had always preferred him to me. In addition, Father has taken even more pity on Lan Ge after my younger brother's death. If I had not spread the word about him bringing bad luck to his parents, those old farts of the Lan family would never have joined forces to force my father to send that piece of dog turd away! Indeed, the moment that little half-breed had been sent away, I, the only descendant of the Lan family, was naturally given the position of Master of the Lan family!"

    "This seat belongs to me, no one else can take it away! Only I, Lan Shao, am worthy enough to become Master of the Lan family. Anyone who stands in my way shall die!"

    Lan Shao's eyes turned bloodshot and he looked as if he could swallow a person whole. His eyes were filled with hatred and anger.

    "This is bad!"

    The guards that Lan Shao had brought along were his trusted aides. When they heard their Master exposing everything which had happened in the past few years, their expressions changed drastically.

    One guard immediately reacted and quickly raised his bo staff before smacking Lan Shao's shoulder with a loud thud.

    The pain from his shoulder brought Lan Shao back to his senses. He then bellowed furiously, "You had the audacity to strike me?"

    There was no one in Main City who dares to strike him!

    However, aside from that little girl from the Medicine Manor, someone else has dared to use a bo staff on him. That person was truly digging his own grave!


    Upon hearing this, the guard who had used the bo staff quickly threw himself to ground as his forehead dripped with cold sweat. "Please forgive my crime, Master, you were babbling nonsense a while ago so I had no choice. I had done that to bring you back to your senses."

    Babbling nonsense?

    Lan Shao was shocked. It was at that moment when everything he had just said began to echo back into his mind.

    His face turned completely white while his eyes were filled with terror.

    What just happened to me? Why couldn't I stop myself form confessing to all my wicked deeds in brought daylight?

    I'm finished!

    This time, I'm truly finished!

    "Tsk, tsk. I never thought that Lan Shao would have committed so many wicked deeds." The little Vermillion Bird shook her head. However, her adorable little face was clearly relishing in his disaster. "It seems that your life is soon at its end, brat."

    Wei Yiyi glanced at the Vermillion Bird and curled her lips. "What pill was that?"

    The Vermillion Bird pursed her lips as she replied, "Not too long ago, Master had refined this pill. When this pill is consumed, that person would lose consciousness and confess every wicked deed they have ever done over the past few years. The most terrifying bit is that when they wake up, they will remember everything they had said!"

    At that point, she blinked as her smile grew even more wicked.

    "Of course, this is a symptom he would have after consuming the pill! However, Master had added a small adjustment later on - that some repercussions would occur after this pill has been used."

    "Repercussions?" Wei Yiyi shook and asked suspiciously.

    "The repercussion from this pill is that from now on, Lan Shao will never be able to lie! If he tells a lie, he will suffer the agony of having his soul torn to pieces."
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