Chapter 1092: The Foolish Lan Shao (3)

    Chapter 1092: The Foolish Lan Shao (3)

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    Three black lines instantly appeared on Wei Yiyi's forehead.

    Based on her understanding of Gu Ruoyun's character, she was a sensible person. What could have caused her to actually research and produce a pill like this?

    However, what Wei Yiyi was unaware of was that Gu Ruoyun had no intentions of researching a pill like this. What Gu Ruoyun had initially wanted to discover was an alternate power source to speed up the effects of a pill! However, because the experiment had failed, it had produced this failed result!

    Of course, if the members of First City were to find out that Gu Ruoyun could refine pills without following a pill formula, they would plunge into a sensation.

    Regardless of whether she was successful or not, at least she managed to invent a pill! People with this kind of talent would be considered as a peerless genius in First City, no one could be compared to that!


    At the Lan family residence.

    An old man was sitting on the floor of the cultivation chamber. His eyes no longer carried their initial benevolence. Instead, they were now sharp, cold, and distant.

    "Lan Shao, did you really cause the deaths of your younger brother and sister-in-law?"

    Lan Shao shivered violently as he sensed the bubbling anger in the old man's heart. "Father, I've been framed."


    As soon as he said those words, Lan Shao's body began to quiver. He felt as if a hand was tearing through his soul and it was so painful that he gasped. His face then turned pale.

    The old man did not notice the peculiar look on Lan Shao's face and continued to speak with sunken, elderly features. "Can you explain to me then what you had meant when you said those things?" he asked icily.

    "Father, I don't know either. All I could feel was my mind going blank and I then began to speak but I didn't hear the words which were coming out of my mouth."

    What he said was true.

    He was really unaware of what had actually happened. At that moment, his mind had gone blank and he could not hear what he had said at all.

    Therefore, when he had given that explanation, that soul-tearing agony did not appear.

    "I know." Suddenly, Lan Shao's eyes lit up. He then spoke angrily, "The members of Medicine Manor must have done this! The Master of Medicine Manor is a pill master so she must have other pills on hand. Perhaps they had used a pill to control me and made me say what they wanted to hear! Father, I've really been framed. How could I have been so cruel as to slaughter my own brother?"

    Lan Shao had not felt anything peculiar but towards the end, the soul-tearing agony appeared once again. It was so painful that he nearly groaned.


    Why is everything normal when I speak the truth but when I lie, I would suffer the agony of having my soul torn apart?

    Lan Shao gritted his teeth at the thought and forced the groan back down his throat.

    "The Medicine Manor?" The old man fell silent. His voice no longer carried its initial icy distance. "What's going on?"

    "I don't know either." Lan Shao's entire being was filled with grief. "I only wanted to ask for an audience with Great Master Gu but I never expected her subordinates to be so snobbish. Not only had they looked down upon the Lan family, they even wanted the Lan family to hand over half of our property before they would pass my message to her."


    An extreme pain rose within Lan Shao's body once again. It was so excruciating that he began to tremble continuously. His face was now as white as a piece of paper.

    As it turns out, he could not tell a lie!

    Each time he had lied, he would suffer this agony.

    However, he had no choice but to endure it for now. He could not let his father notice any peculiarities!

    "Her subordinates wanted the Lan family to hand over half our property?" asked the old man as he lifted his head and faced Lan Shao with an unreadable expression in his eyes.
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