Chapter 1093: The Foolish Lan Shao (4)

    Chapter 1093: The Foolish Lan Shao (4)

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    Lan Shao gritted his teeth fiercely and spat out forcibly, "Yes!"

    "I understand. You may leave."

    The old man gently shut his eyes and replied dispiritedly.

    "I will take care of the matters surrounding Medicine Manor. You can forget about this matter."

    "Yes, Father"

    Lan Shao finally sighed with relief. He then joined his fist in parting before leaving the chamber.

    Just as Lan Shao had turned around, the old man opened his eyes. A wave of disappointment clouded his gaze.

    "Lan Shao, you are far too inferior compared to your younger brother. If it had not been for his accidental death and the pressure from those old fogeys in the clan, the position of Master of the Lan family would never have fallen on your shoulders! It's not because I am biased but because I am worried that you would destroy the entire Lan family."

    As Lan Shao's father, how could he not understand his own son?

    Besides, how could the aides of a pill master possibly demand half a portion of the Lan family estate in return for relaying a message?


    The old man closed his eyes once again as a bitter smile hung on his face. He then gently exhaled and do not say another word.


    Over the past few days, the entire Main City has been bustling with unmatched excitement.

    Restaurants, tea houses, small street vendors, and everyone else has been discussing Lan Shao's actions in front of the Medicine Manor's gates! They never thought that the deaths of the Second Young Master and Young Madam of the Lan family years ago had been connected to Lan Shao. He would do anything to obtain the position of Master Lan!

    Hence, Lan Shao was now the joke of Northern Block Territory.

    However, this matter was soon glossed over by another huge issue!

    According to the news, the genius girl who had risen to fame in the Medicine Sect's general meeting, Gu Ruoyun, had arrived in Main City a few months ago. She has also moved to the Northern Block Territory! Hence, all the big and small organizations have plunged into a sensation. The initially quiet Medicine Manor instantly become as busy as a marketplace.

    However, no matter who had come to visit, they were all stopped outside the Medicine Manor's gates.

    Even the most mysterious family amongst the Four Great Families of Main City had sent an elder from their clan. However, not only had he been unable to see the Master of Medicine Manor, he was not even allowed to set foot past their threshold.

    The Medicine Manor then issued an announcement. In half a month's time, they will be holding a banquet and everyone who has reached the Martial Supreme rank or organizations who have Martial Supremes in their ranks may send their representatives to attend the banquet.

    In the Northern Block Territory, the number of organizations who has Martial Supremes in their ranks was not a small one. Hence, many organizations began to make their preparations! As for those who did not have enough power, they could only watch in envy as the other families received their invitations.

    After all, the Master of Medicine Manor was a pill master which was an existence that many wishes to win good favor with. Even the cultivators of First City could not possibly turn a blind eye to a pill master.

    In all of Northern Block Territory, only the Jiang family and the Gu family did not show any sign of movement. Others could not help but wonder what the two families were up to. Could it be that they were not interested in the pill master at all?

    Of course, what they did not know was that Gu Ruoyun, whom they have elevated to the status of a god, was now in the Jiang family residence, playing chess with the two old fogeys.

    "Haha, Old Man Gu, you lose." Old Man Jiang burst into laughter. His bright and clear laugh echoed throughout every corner of the Jiang family courtyard before he continued, "Since you've lost to the Gu girl, you can step aside. It's my turn now."

    Old Man Gu smiled and turned towards Gu Ruoyun, saying, "Gu girl, I never thought that not only are you exceedingly talented, you're good at chess too. Unfortunately, there are no males in the Gu family. Otherwise, I'd really like to kidnap you back to the Gu family residence."

    He sighed gently as his face filled with regret.
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