Chapter 1094: The Beast Kings Wrath (1)

    Chapter 1094: The Beast King's Wrath (1)

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    "By the way, Gu girl, I don't think I've explained the Gu family's situation to you. There is only one descendant in the Gu family, that is my granddaughter, Gu Lan. This granddaughter of mine has always been an eccentric spirit from a young age. She always gets herself into trouble and in addition, because she's a woman, she can't inherit the Gu family."

    Old Man Gu sighed exasperatedly. "Hence, the elders of the Gu family had a discussion and decided that the Gu family should form a marriage alliance with the Jiang family. Besides, the Jiang family had once promised us that as long as that granddaughter of mine takes a liking to any of their descendants, that descendant will be given the title of Young Master Jiang and marry my granddaughter."

    "Haha! Previously, I had wanted to matchmake Zhu'er and Lan'er. After all, they were childhood friends who had grown up together. Their ratio of success would have been higher than anyone else. Who would have thought that the two did not like each other at all? Furthermore, Lan'er has run away from home and there hasn't been any news of her."

    Old Man Jiang burst into laughter but it carried the hint of a grudge.

    Old Man Gu felt a little embarrassed as he continued to speak awkwardly, "Old Man Jiang, it was the Gu family's fault in this. I..."

    "It's alright." Old Man Jiang waved his hand, stopping Old Man Gu from whatever he wanted to say. "I am blessed with sons and grandsons. We can't interfere too much in the affairs of the younger generation. Since that's the case, let's not trouble Gu Lan."

    Despite all that, Old Man Gu still felt remorseful in front of Old Man Jiang. "Old Man Jiang, the Gu family owes you one! Even if the marriage alliance was unsuccessful, the relationship between our houses will not change because of this."


    Old Man Jiang burst into happy laughter. "That's all I need to hear! I've watched the child Lan'er grow up since she was a little girl. Hence, let her be my granddaughter. Even if we can't be joined by marriage, I won't ignore the Gu family if they're ever in a crisis."

    Perhaps the people of Main City are unaware of the relationship between the two but Gu Ruoyun, who was standing next to them, could sense the mutual affection between the two old men.

    This was the kind of relationship that goes beyond mutual benefits for the Great Families. It was a relationship between best friends.

    "Old Man Jiang, Old Man Gu. I've disturbed the both of you for much too long today. It's time for me to take my leave now." Gu Ruoyun slowly rose to her feet and said with a smile, "By the way, I'm staying at the Medicine Manor at this moment. However, I've just made an announcement that I won't be receiving visitors for the next half of the month. If there's anything that you need from me, I will visit you both here instead."

    "Alright." Old Man Jiang nodded before rising to his feet, saying, "I'll ask Wen Yan to escort you on your way."

    "There's no need."

    Gu Ruoyun shook her as she replied gently.

    In Main City, the great aristocratic families have many eyes and ears. If Wen Yan were to send her off, she would draw a lot of attention.

    Gu Ruoyun no longer tarried as she headed straight out of the courtyard.

    As Wen Yan stared at her flash of green robes, a peculiar light flashed across his gentle and jade-like features. After a long pause, he spoke in a deep voice, "Maternal grandfather, Gu Ruoyun has powerful abilities. Do you think that she would be able to help me in that matter?"

    Old Man Jiang was shocked. He then furrowed his brows before relaxing them again in a short while. His elderly voice was calm and steady as it rang out slowly in the quiet of the noonday.

    "Yan'er, I would never stand in your way in whatever you wish to do. However, I need to warn you that the Gu girl is very intelligent! If you wish to use her, she will figure that out very quickly! Besides, I haven't been interacting with this little girl for very long but I know her standards of formality. If you befriend her wholeheartedly, she will repay you ten thousand times over. However, if you even have a shred of ulterior motive, you can forget about gaining her trust again for the rest of your life!"
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