Chapter 1095: The Beast Kings Wrath (2)

    Chapter 1095: The Beast King's Wrath (2)

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    Wen Yan gently raised his head. His eyes then turned towards Gu Ruoyun's disappearing figure and his gaze no longer displayed a calm gentleness. All that was in its place was a cool-headed tranquility.

    "I understand."


    Wen Yan lowered his eyelids, shielding the light in his eyes. His voice seems to transcend through his spirit, reaching Tian Qi's ears.

    "Tian Qi, if I spared no effort or strategy for my revenge, would you help me?"

    All was quiet in his soul for a few seconds before a woman's gentle voice sounded.

    "Master, it doesn't matter to me whether you are a human or a demon Ever since I had begun to follow you, you are the person that I've pledged my loyalty to. Even if you are a demon in the eyes of the world, you will always remain as the kindly, graceful, jade-like young man in my heart. In this life, I will most certainly cut my way through thistles and thorns with you and carve out a path filled with sunlight!"

    Wen Yan smiled.

    That smile was full of warmth. However, his eyes still contained an icy stare which could not be melted.

    "It's decided! Even if I have to become the embodiment of a demon, I will have my revenge without sparing any effort or strategy! Even if..."

    Even if I have to make use of certain persons that I shouldn't be using!

    Old Man Jiang noticed the unchanging hatred in Wen Yan's eyes and a sense of anxiety slowly appeared in his heart.

    In the end, the anxiety turned into a sigh from his mouth as his face filled with a bitter smile.

    This child, Wen Yan, has suffered too much pain at a young age until his growing years have been spent in torture! I don't know if it would it be a blessing or a curse if this were to continue?

    Of course, Old Man Jiang also knows that the kid would not listen to the words he had just thought.

    "Perhaps I should find some time to inform the Gu girl of Wen Yan's issues. This is not only for the Gu girl's sake but to ensure that Wen Yan does not continue to live in hatred. This really won't do him any good."

    Some people can grow rapidly out of hatred.

    However, there are others who would end up losing all sense of rationality because of their hatred...

    Old Man Jiang has always been worried that Wen Yan would turn out the other way.


    Main City.

    A clamoring noise could be heard along the big and small bustling streets. However, it was at this moment that Gu Ruoyun suddenly paused in her footsteps as her gaze pierced through the crowd, landing on a fat, fleshy figure.

    The fatty was standing and spouting curses in front of a stall. His enraged expression caused his fat flesh to tremble as his eyes glared fiercely at the stall owner who was smaller in stature. His saliva splattered everywhere with some nearly landing on the stall owner's face.

    "It was just a piece of cloth yet you're charging me two gold pieces? Are you freaking trying to rob me? I have only ever robbed others so no one would dare to rob me! You brat, are you f*cking tired of living? Speak, how much is this rag?"

    How could the skinny little stall owner possibly endure such a shock from the fatty? His body had begun trembling long ago. "One... One gold piece," he stammered with a face white as a sheet.

    One gold piece was the smallest currency denomination on the mainland. Hence, the stall owner's price was already its lowest. He thought that at least it could send this demon away. Who would have thought that once he had given the price, the fatty would glare at him once again and kick the stall owner's stall away with a bang?

    The stall owner was so frightened that he began to shake uncontrollably. "No... No payment needed. I'll gift this handkerchief to you. Free of charge."

    "What?" The fatty was incensed. His eyes looked as if they could spit fire as they glared at the skinny little stall owner. "Free of charge? You have the audacity to waste my time by haggling for half a day? No, you must give me a price today. Otherwise, I won't leave!"
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