Chapter 1096: The Beast Kings Wrath (3)

    Chapter 1096: The Beast King's Wrath (3)

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    Damn it, I have had to take such painstaking effort all for the sake of giving Lord Gu Ruoyun a present. After all, I want to pay Lord Gu Ruoyun a visit so I can't just drop by empty-handed. Otherwise, if Gu Ruoyun were to tell the Lord about this, the spiritual beasts of Nemesis Forest can forget about staying alive!

    However, his words nearly made the skinny little stall owner cry.

    He had complained that one gold piece was expensive so I've refused to accept his money yet he still isn't satisfied? What does he want from me?

    "I don't want your money, I'll pay you three gold pieces instead. Alright? Please leave quickly and never come back again," said the stall owner as he sobbed profusely. If this fatty continues to cause a ruckus, the stall owner would have to kneel and call him father.

    Was he that much of a bully?

    A large group of people had begun to gather around them. Even though they stared at the stall owner with pity, not one of them dared to say anything when they noticed the great amount of fleshy meat on the fatty's body. They were deathly afraid of provoking this damned fatty.

    "Ten gold pieces."

    The fatty held out ten fingers and gestured them in front of the stall owner as he scoffed coldly.

    "Sure, sure, sure. I'll give you ten gold pieces. Old ancestor, I beg you to leave me be."

    The stall owner no longer cared about anything else. All he wanted was to chase this fatty away.

    The fatty took the newly-bought pink handkerchief in one hand and ten gold pieces from the stall owner in another before turning around in a satisfied manner. He was just about to leave when he noticed a flash of green robes outside the crowd.

    His then eyes lit up like light bulbs.

    Gu Ruoyun was just about to leave when unexpectedly, the over a hundred kilograms strong fatty began to charge maniacally towards her just as she turned around. The fatty waved the newly-purchased pink handkerchief at her as he ran.

    "Lord Gu, Lord Gu, I've finally found you!" 1

    Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

    At that moment, all eyes had gathered upon Gu Ruoyun. The blank stares of the crowd were full of shock.

    No one had expected this calm, delicate, and pretty lady to actually be acquainted with this damned blackmailing fatty!

    Especially since that damned fatty was waving a handkerchief at her like a woman from a whorehouse trying to drum up customers. The sight of it was absolutely unsettling!

    Gu Ruoyun's expression changed drastically. It was too late to run now because the damned fatty who was still waving the pink handkerchief was almost right in front of her. His meaty face had broken into a blossoming smile. That expression was exactly like a prostitute who was trying to get a client.

    "Lord Gu, I've been going crazy looking for you. Even the spiritual beasts of Nemesis Forest have been spurred into the search. However, all the news about you seems to have been cut off so I had to search for you personally!"

    After all, that Lord was already rushing towards the Northern Block Territory. He has even ordered them to find Gu Ruoyun's exact location and report back to him before he arrives!

    Therefore, he had no other choice but to order all spiritual beasts to conduct a search for the sake of locating Gu Ruoyun.

    Gu Ruoyun's expression turned back to normal as she stared at his fawning face before slowly exclaiming, "I don't recognize you."

    She does not have much of a relationship with the Beast King so clearly she had not needed to give him any face.


    What she could not understand was the fact that the spiritual beasts of Nemesis Forest had been mobilized to search for her! Could it be that something has happened in Nemesis Forest?

    "Lord Gu, don't you remember me?" The Beast King looked very pitiful, remarkably like a resentful wife in the boudoir. "This is a meeting present that I've just bought for you. Not only have I spent a lot of money, I've even wasted a lot of time. I hope that you don't avoid me, Lord Gu."
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