Chapter 1098: Shes Gu Ruoyun? (1)

    Chapter 1098: She's Gu Ruoyun? (1)

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    "Gu Nianye, emissary Bai Yin is a kind and generous person! If you admit to your mistakes obediently, she might spare you on account of your youth! However, if you persist in doing things the wrong way, no one will be able to save you! Do you really think that the Jiang and Gu family's power can ensure your safety? What a joke. When it comes to the Red Lotus Territory, even if all of the Northern Block Territory were to join forces, they would not be any match for them."

    Lan Shao then burst into laughter. After enduring all that stress over the past few days, he finally had an outlet to let out all out!

    If there was anyone to blame, blame this woman for putting herself in front of the gun!

    The corners of Lan Shao's lips curled into an eerie angle as his malicious eyes continued to stare at Gu Ruoyun.

    Therefore, he failed to notice the Beast King standing next to Gu Ruoyun who was slowly swelling with anger.


    Without any warning, a power-packed punch landed on Lan Shao's chest.

    Before Lan Shao could return to his senses, he had been thrown out of the way like an arrow leaving its quiver before landing in the middle of the crowd with a loud thump.

    An unfortunate onlooker who had been too engrossed in watching the show was unable to avoid Lan Shao in time. When he had returned to his senses, he had already been toppled over by Lan Shao's landing. The sheer force of his body nearly made the onlooker puke blood.

    "Dumb f*ck."

    The Beast King stared disdainfully at Lan Shao who was lying in the middle of the crowd and snorted in derision. "You should take a good look at your own f*cking face. You would dare to insult me in public and slander my looks! You can only envy someone like me who has such unconventionally handsome and suave features!"

    As he spoke, the Beast King could not help but send a coquettish glance at the crowd.

    Of course, if that gaze had come from a peerlessly beautiful man, it would certainly tug at one's heartstrings.


    However, when they stared at the rolls of fat all over his body and his pig-headed appearance, everyone felt as if they had just endured a hundred thousand electric shocks instead and could only stand dumbfoundedly on the spot.

    Imagine a shining white pig sending a coquettish glance towards you!

    This was exactly how the crowd felt!

    "Did you see that?" The Beast King turned towards the pale-faced Lan Shao. "These people are all shocked by my good looks. In fact, they're so shocked that they can't even speak. Yet an ugly piece of sh*t like you has the audacity to call me ugly?"

    Lan Shao's expression was now an ugly sight as he clenched his fist and glared fixedly at the Beast King.

    "Eh? This lady looks familiar. Oh, I remember now, she seems to be that lady who had walked into the Medicine Manor a few days ago. I remember that there was a handsome and wicked-looking man by her side."

    Suddenly, a shocked voice rang out from the crowd. Those words then caused a huge sensation.

    "Are you certain that this lady was allowed to enter the Medicine Manor? I heard that the Master of Medicine Manor isn't receiving guests."

    "There's no mistake." The man who had previously spoken nodded and continued to speak, "I felt that this lady had looked familiar since the beginning. However, I can't seem to remember where I'd seen her before. It had all just come back to me, she's the woman who had walked into the Medicine Manor at that time! After she entered the Medicine Manor, news of Gu Ruoyun's arrival in Main City began to spread."

    This means that this woman must have some sort of connection with the Medicine Manor.

    Lan Shao's brain stopped working then and there as his initially pale face now turned even paler. His clenched fist began to tremble as he stared fixedly at Gu Ruoyun in disbelief.
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