Chapter 1100: Shes Gu Ruoyun? (3)

    Chapter 1100: She's Gu Ruoyun? (3)

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    "Oh no! It was so difficult to uncover the Master of Medicine Manor's true face yet I had forgotten to curry favor with her. Perhaps I could have gotten one or two pills!"

    Instantly, a voice of sudden realization rang out.

    Everyone else looked very remorseful as well. They had forgotten about asking the Master of the Medicine Manor for pills. This had been such a good opportunity and they had let it slip!

    As Lan Shao listened to the crowd's discussion, he forgot all about his anger. All he could do was to stare dumbfoundedly at Gu Ruoyun as she left. Under the sunlight, his expression was incomparably ashen and his eyes were full of remorse.

    This woman really is Gu Ruoyun?

    I have offended the person that I've wanted to gain favor from the most!

    Each time he thought of this, Lan Shao would feel as if a hand had clasped over his heart and was squeezing it very tightly, making him feel as though he was going to crumble.

    "No wonder she didn't care for me at all, she's Gu Ruoyun! Why had Miss Bai Yin lied to me? No! I must speak to Miss Bai Yin and ask her about the situation!"

    Lan Shao took one more look at the direction Gu Ruoyun had left in before he left the streets as everyone stared disdainfully. He then hurried over to the Lan family residence...

    At the Lan family home's rear courtyard.

    Bai Yin was seated at a table and sipping a cup of tea in a grand and extravagant wing of the Lan family home. She stared at the white steam gently rising from the cup as a fierce light flashed through her icy features.

    "Gu Ruoyun!"

    Whenever that name was mentioned, Bai Yin would grit her teeth hatefully. That feeling of hatred was enough to pierce through one's heart.

    "I never expected that. I really never expected you to have survived!"

    The events which had happened at the Medicine Manor has also reached Bai Yin's ears.

    She simply never thought that Gu Ruoyun would be able to survive the sea of flames and arrive in Main City!

    However, regardless of that, she would not let this woman live much longer!

    Knock, knock, knock!

    Someone knocked on the door to the room.

    Bai Yin steadied her emotions and recomposed herself into her usual cold distant self. She then answered indifferently, "Come in."


    The room's door was pushed open and soon, Bai Yin came face to face with a very gloomy-looking Lan Shao who entered the room.

    She gently wrinkled her brow as a hint of confusion flashed across her eyes. She then asked icily, "Is there anything you need?"

    Bai Yin's voice was like a cold wind in the middle of a severe winter, uncomparably bone-piercingly icy.

    "Miss Bai Yin," said Lan Shao as he took a deep breath before raising his gaze towards the icy beauty who was seated in front of him. "I met someone on the street today, can you guess who that was?"

    A bite of impatience flashed across Bai Yin's face as her voice became even colder and more distant than before. "Regardless of who you've met, I have no interest to find out."

    "No, Miss Bai Yin, you would definitely have an interest in this person." Lan Shao's eyes flickered. However, the paleness on his face did not diminish. "Gu Nianye! I saw Gu Nianye today! I never thought that she would still be alive. Besides, I also learned that her real name is Gu Ruoyun!"

    Since Bai Yin has a grudge against Gu Ruoyun, she must have known about Gu Nianye's true identity.

    However, what Lan Shao never expected was that Bai Yin would hide this from him so that she could manipulate him to take revenge for her!

    If he had known about Gu Nianye's real identity earlier on, he would never have dared to do as he pleased even if he had been given a hundred helpings of liquid courage!

    Bai Yin smiled but it did not have any warmth in it. She was still as bitingly frosty as she said, "That's right, she is Gu Ruoyun! So what? It's a fact that she has offended the Red Lotus Territory!"
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