Chapter 1102: Shes Gu Ruoyun? (5)

    Chapter 1102: She's Gu Ruoyun? (5)

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    Poor Lan Shao had chosen to believe Bai Yin's words. This determined his ultimate tragic fate!

    "Lan Shao, have you ever wondered how Gu Ruoyun had managed to survive?" Bai Yin's eyes flickered before she sneered, "After I discovered her arrival in Main City, I've been in deep thought for a few days and I have one conclusion!"

    Lan Shao shook a little as his eyes stared unblinkingly at Bai Yin, waiting for the next part of her explanation.

    Bai Yin's voice grew even colder, resembling an icebox, "If my guess is right, the space beneath the lava must hold a Divine Weapon. Perhaps Gu Ruoyun has already obtained that Divine Weapon."

    A Divine Weapon!

    Those words entered Lan Shao's heart and caused it to tremble. A sense of greed then flashed across his pale face.

    To the people on the mainland, a Divine Weapon was just as important as pills.

    If he could obtain a Divine Weapon, who would dare oppose him in the Northern Block Territory from then on?

    Bai Yin clearly figured out what was going through Lan Shao's mind and laughed icily. "Lan Shao, you shouldn't look too highly upon a Divine Weapon. If your powers are too weak, the Divine Weapon won't be able to display its full potential in your hands! Hence, this Divine Weapon should only be used as a present for the Grand Lord. If the Grand Lord obtains this Divine Weapon, his powers would be increased by several times more! By then, you would be able to enjoy plenty of benefits as well."

    All she needs to do was to obtain that Divine Weapon and give it to the Grand Lord. He would then have a whole new level of regard for her.

    Perhaps she could still return to the Grand Lord's side again.

    A smile appeared on Bai Yin's face at that thought. That smile was no longer as frosty as it once was. Instead, it was as delightful as a blossoming white lotus.

    Lan Shao did not notice the smile on Bai Yin's face as he was deep in thought. After a long pause, he seems to reach a decision as a fierce light flashed across his eyes.

    That old man would never agree with my decision to deal with Gu Ruoyun! However, I have no choice but to force him into an agreement now!


    At the meeting hall.

    After Lan Shao and Bai Yin had left the room, they gathered everyone in the Lan clan for a meeting. After all, he had managed to become Master of the Lan family through a lot of assistance from these elders that year.

    So, if he wishes to force the old man, this was the only way.

    "Lan Shao, is there anything that you wish to discuss by gathering us here?"

    At this time, a man over seventy years of age was seated on a chair with his back straight in the meeting room. He was wearing long, navy blue robes which made him look more energetic.

    This old man was the Great Elder amongst the Lan family elders and has a position second only to the Old Master!

    As the leader of the elders, he was extremely useful for making a statement. Even the Old Master would need to discuss things with him.

    "Elders, I'm sure that you've all heard the matter regarding the Master of the Medicine Manor, Gu Ruoyun!" A fierce light flashed across Lan Shao's eyes. "I had previously served my father's orders and went ahead to gain Gu Ruoyun's favor. Who would have thought that Gu Ruoyun had an exaggerated opinion of her own abilities and refused to place any importance on the Four Great Families of Main City! She has even declared that she wants to uproot the Four Great Families! I will not stand for it so I had clashed with Gu Ruoyun's people."

    The Old Master's expression changed drastically. After all, this was not what Lan Shao had previously told him.

    At the time, Lan Shao had not only claimed that Gu Ruoyun's subordinates were snobs who wanted half of the Lan family's estate. Now, it has become a claim that her group wanted to uproot them all. No one except the Old Master was more clear of the weight behind those words.
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