Chapter 1103: Shes Gu Ruoyun? (6)

    Chapter 1103: She's Gu Ruoyun? (6)

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    However, what the Old Master was unaware of was that each time Lan Shao had lied, his soul would feel as though it was being torn into pieces.

    It was so agonizing that he almost wishes to leave this place!

    However, in order to go up against Gu Ruoyun, he will endure it even if he has to experience great pain!

    The Great Elder fell silent. After a long pause, he slowly replied, "Is this true? Gu Ruoyun really wishes to uproot the Four Great Families? Do the other Great Families know of this?"

    "Lan Shao!"

    The Old Master's face sank as he realized that Lan Shao was about to continue his slander. "This is not what you had previously told me! At that time, he had not even managed to see Gu Ruoyun's face so how could he have determined that she had actually said those things?"

    "Father, Gu Ruoyun had refused to see me now because she had told me these things when we had crossed paths with each other before! I had happened to bump into her which was how I found out that she was Gu Ruoyun!" A malicious light then flashed in Lan Shao's eyes as he sneered, "Besides, I also know that Gu Ruoyun has a Divine Weapon in her hands!"

    A Divine Weapon!


    Those words were like a sudden stroke of lightning which instantly exploded in the meeting hall.

    Everyone, including the Old Master of the Lan family, was so shocked that they almost forgot how to breathe.

    "Lan Shao, is this true?" A light flashed across the Great Elder's eyes as he asked darkly.

    "Great Elder, I can swear that Gu Ruoyun most definitely holds a Divine Weapon in her hand. Miss Bai Yin can also bear witness to this! Besides, Gu Ruoyun has a grudge against the Red Lotus Territory! Emissary Bai Yin has given me her word that as long as we are willing to get rid of Gu Ruoyun, the Red Lotus Territory will send us aid," sneered Lan Shao as he gritted his teeth firmly.

    The elders looked at each another. In the end, it was the Great Elder, the one who holds the most power, who slowly replied, "Alright, I've heard all I needed to hear. Lan Shao, you may leave first. The elders will discuss amongst ourselves and determine the Lan family's next course of action."

    "Yes, Great Elder."

    Lan Shao joined his fists and when he turned around, the corners of his lips were curled into a scheming smile.

    After Lan Shao had left, everything became quiet instantly in the meeting room.

    The Old Master knitted his brows as he swept his gaze across the elders. "Everyone, I don't agree to make an enemy of the Medicine Manor! Gu Ruoyun is a pill master, even the members of Wind Valley have their eyes set on her. Besides, she's also the Holy Doctor's disciple! According to a reliable source, that Martial Supreme seems to have recently broken through to the Martial Saint rank! One Martial Saint's power is far too great, we cannot afford to defend against that."

    The Great Elder suddenly fell silent. After a long pause, he spoke again, "Didn't you all hear what Lan Shao had said? Gu Ruoyun and the Red Lotus Territory have a grudge against each other. If we choose to deal with Gu Ruoyun, the members of the Red Lotus Territory will definitely send us their aid! Besides, so what if the Holy Doctor is powerful? When compared to the abnormally strong Grand Lord Hong Lian who is also a Martial Saint, the Holy Doctor's powers are far inferior!"

    "I agree with the Great Elder's words. The Holy Doctor may be powerful but he's a long way off from the Northern Block Territory. If we kill Gu Ruoyun and take the Divine Weapon before he arrives, he would be no match for the Lan family especially if we have the Divine Weapon in our hands!"

    Another elder nodded as he agreed with the Great Elder.

    The crease between the Old Master's brow deepened as he replied indifferently, "I have a feeling that Gu Ruoyun's future achievements won't stop from here on. She will become even more powerful and if the Lan family truly wants to make an enemy of her, we will regret it!"
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