Chapter 1106: The Strong Assemble In The Medicine Manor (2)

    Chapter 1106: The Strong Assemble In The Medicine Manor (2)

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    Gu Ruoyun's face instantly turned black. Clearly, she should not openly express her gratitude to him. Otherwise, this fellow would tease her as he always did...

    Alarm bells began to ring in the Beast King's mind. His heart was now greatly anticipating Qianbei Ye's quick arrival. Otherwise, his woman would be snatched away by some other man.

    "Let's go, Zixie, we shall have a look at your formation."

    Gu Ruoyun yawned as she headed towards the Medicine Manor, ignoring the Beast King who was tagging along behind them.

    After Gu Ruoyun left, Zixie shot a look at the Beast King who had shrunk his head back. Zixie then followed the flash of green robes into the courtyard...

    During this period of time, the Medicine Manor was thronged by many visitors.

    Many have journeyed to the front gate of the Medicine Manor early in the morning for the sake of meeting the Medicine Manor's Master. Unfortunately, Wei Yiyi and the others did not give anyone the chance to do so. Hence, no matter diligent they were, they were all turned away in the end.

    There were some forces that decided to secretly sneak into the Medicine Manor at night after being denied entry many times. They had thought that if they were lucky enough, they might be able to steal one or two pills even if they did not manage to meet Gu Ruoyun.

    However, the thing which everyone found to be extremely strange was that the Medicine Manor, which does not look all that big in the first place, was like a maze. They could not even find the exit at all, much less locate a single person.

    Of course, these people were not aware that once nighttime arrived, the Medicine Manor's formation would activate and anyone who enters the Medicine Manor would fall into the formation. Even if a member of the Medicine Manor were to walk past them, they would not be able to see them at all.

    The crowd was unfortunately not aware of this. Hence, they would walk from night to dawn and still remain stuck in the Medicine Manor's courtyard...

    In the Lan family's meeting hall, the Great Elder had a sunken look on his face. His expression was extremely ugly to behold as he said, "I had sent a group to the Medicine Manor to investigate them so that we can prepare for our fight in the future! However, I never thought that the Lan family members would end up becoming lost upon entering the Medicine Manor! They had only managed to find their way out at dawn!"

    "They got lost?" An elder exclaimed in shock. "How can this be? The Medicine Manor is not that big so how could they possibly have gotten lost? There must be some other reason!"

    The Great Elder took a deep breath and his elderly expression looked ashen as he said, "Gu Ruoyun doesn't seem to be all that simple. She must have guessed that the Lan family would make a move against her so she has already put up her defenses! If my guess is right, the reason why the Lan family scouts had gotten lost was because she had done something to the Medicine Manor."

    "Great Elder, what should we do?"


    The Great Elder's expression grew increasingly ugly as he gritted his teeth and spat out his answer.

    "The only thing we can do is wait now! Gu Ruoyun had announced not too long ago that she would be holding a banquet in half a month's time. Perhaps we would only be able to meet her when that time comes!" The Great Elder's eyes then darkened. "That would be our only chance to make our move against her!"

    The group of elders looked at each other. After a long time, one of them finally spoke up, "Great Elder, since that's the case, we shall do as you say! Half a month is not too far off, she won't be alive for very much longer now!"

    "It's decided!" The Great Elder laughed icily as a dark light flashed across his eyes. "Besides, I've just heard some news, Grand Lord Hong Lian has been sighted in the Northern Block Territory! Furthermore, he's headed towards the Main City! If Grand Lord Hong Lian arrives, Gu Ruoyun would undoubtedly die! Unfortunately, I can't contact Grand Lord Hong Lian. Otherwise, I could discuss the ways to deal with Gu Ruoyun with him!"
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