Chapter 1113: The Strong Assemble In The Medicine Manor (9)

    Chapter 1113: The Strong Assemble In The Medicine Manor (9)

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    At that moment, the Great Elder's face had turned as green as a bamboo leaf. He really wanted to scream angrily: Do you not wipe your *ss after taking a f*cking sh*t?

    However, at this moment, he was completely suffocated by the sheer pressure of the buttocks and was unable to speak.

    The large fatty who was sitting on his face, however, did not seem to be aware of this at all. He has no intentions of standing up.

    "Get off!"

    The Great Elder, who almost puked blood from being squashed by the fatty, finally managed to spit out two words. His voice was filled with fury as if raging flames were spitting out from within.


    Just as the Great Elder was about to cry out again in anger, a warm, smelly gas erupted around him. The stench was so heavy that he nearly fainted.

    This damned fatty, not only is he using his buttocks to squash my face, he has even farted!

    The rage in the Great Elder's heart grew even greater when he thought of the insult he has endured in the Medicine Manor. His face was an extremely horrid sight to behold now.

    "Eh, my apologies." The fatty finally returned to his senses and removed his buttocks from the Great Elder's face. He then slowly rose to his feet as he scratched the back of his head in a simple yet honest manner and chuckled, "I accidentally slipped, I didn't intend to sit on your face."

    His expression looked innocent but everyone could not help but shiver at the sight of it.

    The Great Elder's elderly face has turned ashen from the fatty's fart. His pupils could not focus clearly. Even if he had not fainted from the stink, he would not have been able to determine his bearings.

    The crowd could not help but feel sorry for the Great Elder when they noticed his tragic expression.

    Indeed, it was better to offend a demon than to offend a member of the Medicine Manor!

    They certainly did not believe that this damned fatty had not done it on purpose! Otherwise, he would not have remained seated on the Great Elder's face for such a long time. He had even farted on his face.

    "I'm going to say this one more time but I won't repeat myself a third time." Gu Ruoyun ignored the uproar before her as she swept her gaze across the crowd. She then calmly explained, "I've asked you all to come here not to discuss this matter with you but to inform you of my status! From now on, the Northern Block Territory shall belong to me and I shall be the Grand Lord of the Northern Block Territory!"

    Her tone of voice was as serene as a gentle wind.

    However, those words were like heavy waves which slamming fiercely into the crowd, creating thousands of waves in their hearts.

    Then again, they have been used to their freedom so how could they bow before another willingly? Everyone was now silent as if they were considering their countermeasures.

    The Great Elder was unconscious. Old Man Jiang and Old Man Gu were clearly standing on Gu Ruoyun's side. As for the Old Master of the Lan family and Mu Youyou... They have not said a word at all.


    An angry roar suddenly rang out, causing everyone's hearts to tremble with fear. They quickly turned towards the direction where the roar had come from. Soon after, they were faced with the Beast King's fleshy features.

    At this moment, his fat face has become vicious and malevolent as he bared his fangs at them. He looked as if he could swallow them alive.

    "A spiritual beast?" Mu Youyou stared at the Beast King in astonishment. Her graceful features flashed with deep thought.

    This lump of fat is also a spiritual beast and a pretty powerful one too!

    No wonder the members of the Medicine Manor would dare to act so brazenly. They had a trump card like this.

    It looks like this time, the Mu family had underestimated these people...

    Besides, if the Medicine Manor had produced a trump card like this, the Mu family should reconsider their alliance with the Lan family. It doesn't seem worthwhile to gamble the whole Mu family away for the sake of helping the Lan family and to gain a few pill formulas.
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