Chapter 1116: Grand Lord Hong Lian Arrives (3)

    Chapter 1116: Grand Lord Hong Lian Arrives (3)

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    Mu Youyou gently nodded. Her graceful features were lined with seriousness as she spoke, "Grandfather, I feel that it's best we avoid muddling ourselves in this! Gu Ruoyun has a Martial Saint spiritual beast by her side. Even though you have already silently reached the rank of a Martial Saint, however..."

    A peculiar light flashed in her pretty eyes before she continued, "If she can show this spiritual beast in front of others, that proves that this spiritual beast is not her greatest trump card!"

    Old Man Jiang and the others probably never expected the Master of the Mu family to have reached the rank of a Martial Saint long ago.

    As he was unwilling to let go of the Mu family, he had not entered the First City. When he had his breakthrough, he had headed towards a secluded place and concealed the fact.

    Hence, even though Old Man Jiang knew that the old man from the Mu family has great power, he was uncertain about his current rank.

    Master Mu nodded. "Not bad, your analysis is rather accurate, Youyou! To most people, the greatest trump card would only be used in times of survival. Since she can casually produce a Martial Saint spiritual beast, this proves that she must have other trump cards in her hands! That little girl is really not easy."

    Mu Youyou smiled gently as a wise and farsighted light flashed across her eyes. "Grandfather, I feel that we should reconsider our alliance with the Lan family. After all, I really don't want the Lan family to drag the Mu family down with them."

    Just as the others began to nod in agreement, an anxious figure rushed in from outside the door.

    "Reporting to the Master. The Lan family have just sent their members to inform us that Grand Lord Hong Lian is now on his way to the Medicine Manor and has invited us to make our way there to watch the show."

    Grand Lord Hong Lian?

    Master Mu was shocked. He mildly raised his brow as a sense of contemplation appeared on his face again.

    "Grand Lord Hong Lian is here?" Mu Youyou lifted the corners of her lips. Her smile was like a gentle breeze as she spoke, "Previously, the Lan family have mentioned to us that there was a grudge between Gu Ruoyun and Grand Lord Hong Lian. They even said that she had angered Grand Lord Hong Lian because of her previously fruitless attempt to seduce him! I wonder if Grand Lord Hong Lian has really made the journey here for the sake of dealing with Gu Ruoyun?"

    "However..." Mu Youyou shifted her glance and the smile on her face became even more pronounced. "I don't believe that Grand Lord is simply here for Gu Ruoyun! If he really wanted to kill Gu Ruoyun, he would have done it back when she had made a move on him. Why had he spared her only to come and look for her now?"

    "Youyou," Master Mu chuckled while a grin grew on his elderly face. "What do you think?"

    Mu Youyou thought for a moment before she slowly replied, "Perhaps Grand Lord Hong Lian has found out about the Divine Weapon in Gu Ruoyun's hands and wishes to obtain this Divine Weapon. However, I can sense that Gu Ruoyun is not all she appears to be. She must hold an even more powerful trump card in her hand and when that happens, we only need to enjoy the show. Nothing's wrong with watching a fight between two tigers."

    Master Mu nodded in satisfaction. Obviously, Mu Youyou's analysis was in line with everything he had put into consideration.

    It goes without saying that amongst all of his descendants, he was the most satisfied with this granddaughter of his. She was far too powerful compared to the boys of the Mu family. Unfortunately, she had been born a daughter. Otherwise, he would have given the position of the Master of the Mu family to her.

    "Good. As the Lan family has invited us to enjoy the show, you shall lead the Mu family members to the Medicine Manor to enjoy that show thoroughly. Perhaps this show would help the Mu family to make our final decision."
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