Chapter 1118: Grand Lord Hong Lian Arrives (5)

    Chapter 1118: Grand Lord Hong Lian Arrives (5)

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    "Yun'er, it's really difficult to even see you," Grand Lord Hong Lian chuckled and teased as he remembered how he had been trapped in the formation.

    Gu Ruoyun laughed awkwardly when she heard those words. "We had set that formation because my friend was trying to prevent the members of First City from causing trouble for me. Anyone who has reached the rank of a Martial Saint would become trapped in the formation."

    Anyone at the rank of a Martial Saint would become trapped in the formation?

    A wave of shock entered Grand Lord Hong Lian's heart. How powerful was this person to have the ability to construct such a powerful formation?

    A smile crept up upon his handsome face at the thought of this. "Yun'er, I have been quite worried that no one would be able to protect you while I was not by your side. Now I see that you have quite a few capable people on your side. I can rest assured now."

    Gu Ruoyun shrugged her shoulders and smiled. In this life, to have received Zixie's help was the honor of a lifetime.

    "Yun'er, has anything happened to you while you were in the Northern Block Territory?" Grand Lord Hong Lian seemed to have recalled something and knitted his grim brows. "I have heard that the Northern Block Territory has always rejected the geniuses sent over by the Medicine Sect. You've come here in the Medicine Sect's name as well. Has anyone caused you grief?"

    As Red Lotus Territory was quite a distance from the Northern Block Territory, Grand Lord Hong Lian had not stopped to rest along the way so that he could see his precious daughter as soon as possible. Naturally, he would not be aware of the news surrounding Gu Ruoyun in the Northern Block Territory.

    Gu Ruoyun was shaken as she stared at the concerned look on Grand Lord Hong Lian's face. She then rubbed her nose.

    It seems that Father hasn't heard anything at all...

    That was not such a bad outcome either. She was perfectly capable of settling the matters surrounding the Lan family on her own and did not need anyone's help.

    "Father, do you think that I'm the kind of person who would suffer in silence?" Gu Ruoyun lifted the corners of her lips and smiled. "Don't worry, no one can abuse me in the Northern Block Territory."

    Grand Lord Hong Lian smiled and stroked Gu Ruoyun's head lovingly as his dark eyes flashed with a gentle light. "I know better than anyone of your powers. The only thing is, being your father, I will never allow anyone to bully or humiliate you! Anyone who dares to do so shall be given the taste of a true madman."

    Just as Grand Lord Hong Lian had spoken, a sound came from his communication token.

    Grand Lord Hong Lian furrowed his brows upon hearing that sound. Ultimately, he picked up the wooden token and his expression reverted to his initially icy exterior.

    "Grand Lord, I've finally managed to contact you. I've been trying to call you through the communication token for a while now. Why didn't you answer?"

    The communication token was a type of summoning tool on the mainland and was much more convenient than sending a pigeon.

    If one wishes to create a communication token, one must first seal both parties' mental energies in the communication token then call each other through their mental energies! The communication token was more than a medium of communication. In fact, the other voice would be transmitted directly into Grand Lord Hong Lian's mind so no one else could hear it.

    However, to make a successful call through the communication token, one must do it when the other party was completely at ease. Grand Lord Hong Lian, who had been rushing towards his destination, had his mind filled with his precious daughter's image. How could he have possibly heard the call from the communication token?
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