Chapter 1121: Grand Lord Hong Lian Arrives (8)

    Chapter 1121: Grand Lord Hong Lian Arrives (8)

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    Bai Yin lay spread out on the ground, her icy cold features have now turned completely ashen.

    She did not have the courage to look at Grand Lord Hong Lian. Instead, she could only shut her eyes as she trembled.

    When she heard from Lan Shao that Grand Lord Hong Lian had arrived in Main City, she knew that her plan had failed! In order to escape, she had sent Lan Shao away first and had then intended to secretly sneak away after that. However, who would have thought that she would have gotten herself caught and dragged back here the moment she had stepped out of the city gate.

    "Miss Bai Yin, what's the meaning of this?" A sense of suspicion has appeared in Lan Shao's heart yet he did not dare to believe it. His voice trembled as he asked, "Aren't you an emissary of the Red Lotus Territory? Didn't you say that Gu Ruoyun had tried to seduce Grand Lord Hong Lian but to no avail? Can you please tell me what is the meaning of this?"

    Bai Yin shut her eyes tightly and did not say a word. The moonlight which was shining on her skin made her look exceptionally pale until she resembled a corpse.

    "Bai Yin, how dare you!" The flaming rage within Grand Lord Hong Lian's being erupted, smashing heavily into Bai Yin's chest. "Who gave you the audacity to pose as an emissary of the Red Lotus Territory?"


    The impact of the heavy attack caused Bai Yin to spit out a mouthful of blood. She finally opened her eyes and smiled miserably.

    "Grand Lord, why is it that even after I have followed you for so many years that you don't have any sense of camaraderie?"

    "I had sent you to accept punishment in the Red Lotus Territory yet you had secretly slipped away! Hence, you are no longer a member of the Red Lotus Territory, you are only a traitor!"

    Grand Lord Hong Lian's voice was grim and devoid of any emotion as it landed fiercely into Bai Yin's heart.

    She felt a great agony in her heart; the man whom she has loved and pursued for so many years was now treating her this way for the sake of a woman that he had only met a few times.

    This woman merely shares some similar features with the missing Grand Lady, why is the Grand Lord siding with her so much?

    To the extent that he would even treat me so cruelly without hesitation!

    "Grand Lord, I've pursued you for many years, fought by your side, shielded you from countless troubles, yet you would call me a traitor?" Her smile has grown even more miserable and her face was like dead ashes as she spoke, "It would seem that my accompaniment with perseverance and consistency for you is nothing compared to a woman who looks like the Grand Lady! I can guarantee that this woman has ulterior motives for approaching you. Her intentions aren't pure at all. Grand Lord, could it be that a smart man like you would fall into a pretty woman's trap too?"

    Upon hearing Bai Yin's words, the people by Gu Ruoyun's side could not help but to send her a look. They all stared at her as if they were looking at an idiot.

    After all, Gu Ruoyun was Grand Lord Hong Lian's daughter. Could it be that, as a father, he would not protect his own daughter but would side with the woman who wants to kill his daughter instead?


    Grand Lord Hong Lian laughed in spite of his anger. A flaming rage began to overflow from his body. He then reached out and grabbed Bai Yin's neck fiercely.

    It was this very moment that the Lan family members began to realize what was going on.

    They had been fooled by Bai Yin all along! She had used them and they have offended Grand Lord Hong Lian!

    Now, whenever they thought of this outcome, everyone in the Lan family would shiver from their very core. They did not even dare to say another word, dearly wishing that they could lower their own existence so that Grand Lord Hong Lian would not notice them at all.

    Only Lan Shao, upon realizing that he had been fooled by this woman, glared at Bai Yin fixedly. He looked as if he could eat her whole.

    "Bai Yin! Do you know who she is?" A cruel smile hung on the corners of Grand Lord Hong Lian's lips. His grim eyes stared coldly at her as he said, "She, Gu Ruoyun, is my precious daughter who had been separated from me for so many years! So you tell me, should I protect her or you?"
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