Chapter 1122: Grand Lord Hong Lian Arrives (9)

    Chapter 1122: Grand Lord Hong Lian Arrives (9)

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    In the beginning, Grand Lord Hong Lian had not intended to let anyone know about Gu Ruoyun's true identity. He has too many enemies and he wanted to conceal this fact to prevent his enemies from harming his precious daughter.

    However, it now looks like even if he were to conceal this matter, others would still cause trouble for her.

    She had nearly lost her life in that sea of flames because of them too!

    Even though Grand Lord Hong Lian did not know how Gu Ruoyun had managed to escape the sea of flames, he could imagine the dangers she has had to endure! All this was because he had concealed her true identity!

    Hence, the Grand Lord was now experiencing remorse and anger at the same time, causing a surge of power in his large hands.

    He will not leave anyone who has harmed his precious daughter alive!


    Those words exploded like a stroke of lightning in Bai Yin's mind, causing her lips to tremble. She widened her pretty eyes which were filled with disbelief.

    Gu Ruoyun is the Grand Lord's daughter, this... How can this be?

    The person that I've been jealous of was actually his daughter...

    The Lan family were in a greater state of panic than she was.

    After all, they had believed Bai Yin's claims and had thought that Gu Ruoyun was a sl*t who wanted to seduce Grand Lord Hong Lian. However, they never thought that Bai Yin, whom they had believed to be an emissary of the Red Lotus Territory, was a traitor! Furthermore, the person they wanted to go against was Grand Lord Hong Lian's own flesh and blood!

    They were finished!

    This time, they were completely finished!

    Instantly, the hearts of everyone in the Lan family turned as silent as dead ashes. They did not even have any intentions of fighting back. After all, they had offended that madman, Grand Lord Hong Lian. Regardless of how one was to fight back, it would be useless. Instead, their death would become even more tragic!

    All this had been brought on by that woman, Bai Yin!

    If it had not been for her, the Lan family would never have formed a grudge against Gu Ruoyun nor would they have directly offended Grand Lord Hong Lian...

    Bai Yin gaped. Her pale face was clearly desolate. She wanted to speak but felt her throat tighten and could not make a sound. All she could do was to stare pleadingly at Grand Lord Hong Lian.

    If she had known that Gu Ruoyun was Grand Lord Hong Lian's daughter, she would never have offended her. She would even have tried to gain her favor!

    However, she had placed this woman in the position of a love rival which had then resulted in the outcome today...

    "Bai Yin, do you have anything else to say now?" A murderous intent flashed in the corner of Grand Lord Hong Lian's eyes as his crimson robes fluttered in the wind, carrying a powerful murderous intent.

    Bai Yin gently shut her eyes. After a long pause, she opened her eyes again and, with all her might, croaked her answer.

    "Please, Grand Lord, grant me a peaceful death."

    She knows that based on the Grand Lord's methods, she could not possibly survive this. All she could hope for was a death without any pain. This was her last wish.

    "Peaceful?" Grand Lord Hong Lian laughed icily and flung Bai Yin's body fiercely onto the ground with a loud thud. His voice was cold and grim as he continued, "You had nearly caused my precious daughter's death, do you really think that I would grant you a peaceful death? She is my dearest treasure. Even I could not bear to lay a hand on her yet you dare have the audacity to hurt her!"

    Bai Yin's heart trembled when she heard his cold and emotionless voice.

    This man is exceptionally cruel and he always will be! Even if I had pursued him for many years, he still would not consider our camaraderie! Could it be that he would only ever show his gentle side in front of Gu Ruoyun or the Great Lady's portrait?

    Now, he would not even grant me a peaceful death.
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