Chapter 1124: Deep Feelings (2)

    Chapter 1124: Deep Feelings (2)

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    That was right!

    Grand Lord Hong Lian was indeed known to be cold and unfeeling in the eyes of the world. However, it was only because he had given all his gentleness and emotions to one woman. Hence, everyone else was left with the remnants of his cold and distant heart.

    "Fine, in order to let you understand the circumstances of your death, I will answer your question!" A grim light flashed through Grand Lord Hong Lian's eyes as he replied unfeelingly, "Only Yu'er will ever hold my heart in this lifetime. For her sake, I would even rush through heaven and hell! If she has truly disappeared for good, never to return, I will remain as her widow for the rest of my life!"

    The flames on Bai Yin's body was now burning even more vigorously. She was in so much pain that she could no longer speak but the heartbreak and hopelessness in her eyes were clear for all to see.

    "In love, it's never about 'first come, first serve'! If you fall in love, you fall in love. Even if I had met another woman first, the only woman I will ever love is Dongfang Yu! Others may call me the God of Death or a madman but if I can cover my family with my wings so that no one can ever hurt them or humiliate them, I don't see anything wrong with being labeled as a madman! Anyone who dares to lay a finger on my family shall be given the taste of a true madman."

    Bai Yin lowered her eyelids and a bitter smile hung on the corners of her lips.

    She really envies the woman in the Grand Lord's heart! To have such an outstanding and devoted man, it was more than enough! Unfortunately, that woman was not her...

    "Bai Yin, you have been by my side for so many years so you should be very aware of my taboos!" Grand Lord Hong Lian's eyes were filled with murderous intent, the sharp aura was spiraling out from within his being. "If you ever hurt my family members, death will forever be an extravagant hope for you!"

    Due to Bai Yin's overly mournful cries, her throat had grown hoarse. The intense burning pain made her want to cry out again but at the end of the day, her throat could only make a hissing noise.

    Yes, Grand Lord Hong Lian was never a kind-hearted person. Anyone who harms the people by his side should look at death as a form of extravagant hope.

    The Lan family quickly lowered their heads, trying to lower their existence. Just then, they felt a swift and forceful cold glare landing upon them.

    "The Lan family?"

    Grand Lord Hong Lian gently curled the corners of his lips. A smile then formed on his grim features but it was full of murderous intent.

    "You should rejoice over the fact that my daughter is still alive. Otherwise, there's no need for the Northern Block Territory to continue to exist."

    He paused then continued to speak as the crowd stared anxiously, "However, while I can spare the Northern Block Territory, the Lan family... Should pay the price for your stupidity!"

    If Gu Ruoyun had really fallen into danger in the Northern Block Territory, Grand Lord Hong Lian would have released his fury upon the entire Territory. If that were to happen, the rivers of the Northern Block Territory would flow with blood and bodies would cover the entire land! It was a good thing that Gu Ruoyun had survived. Therefore, Grand Lord Hong Lian had spared his grief from the rest of the people in the Territory this time.

    However, for the Lan family who had joined forces with Bai Yin to hurt Gu Ruoyun, there was no need for any mercy.


    The Great Elder was so terrified that he knelt on the ground and trembled. He then glared at Lan Shao angrily and bellowed with a fury that extended to the sky, "Lan Shao, this is all your fault! If you had not believed Bai Yin's words so easily, the Lan family would never have fallen into such miserable circumstances! Furthermore, you were the one who had told us about the grudge between Grand Lord Hong Lian and Gu Ruoyun! Hence, you b*stard, you are responsible for pushing the Lan family into this misery. How will you ever face the Lan family's ancestors in the future?"
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