Chapter 1125: Deep Feelings (3)

    Chapter 1125: Deep Feelings (3)

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    A sense of terror appeared on Lan Shao's face and he bit his pale lips.

    He never expected Bai Yin to be an impersonator who had posed as an emissary of the Red Lotus Territory and that Gu Ruoyun, whom they have allied themselves against, to turn out to be Grand Lord Hong Lian's biological daughter.

    Heavens, how could I have made such a stupid decision?

    The more Lan Shao thought about it, the more his mind filled with fear. He then glared fiercely at Bai Yin who was being slowly burned alive. If it had not been for the fact that Bai Yin was covered with flames right now, he would have rushed over to kill this woman!

    "Grand Lord, I was really unaware that Gu Ruoyun was your daughter." Lan Shao threw himself down and knelt on the ground as he spoke in a trembling voice, "If I had known the truth, I would never have treated her this way. I had acted that way because I had been fooled by this sl*t, Bai Yin! I beg you to spare the Lan family on account of my ignorance."

    Grand Lord Hong Lian laughed icily and replied in a grim voice, "The Lan family's greatest mistake is your ignorance of the truth and to stupidly allow yourselves to be fooled by Bai Yin! Hence, why should I spare you?"

    "We really had no idea that she was your daughter." Lan Shao was now panicking especially after he had witness Bai Yin's fate. His heart was now filled with even greater fear. "Humans make mistakes so why don't you give us a chance to change?"


    Grand Lord Hong Lian laughed maniacally. His domineering laughter filled the sky and the sound of it was excruciatingly painful to Lan Shao's ears.

    "That's true, humans do make mistakes! However, why should my precious daughter have to pay for your mistakes? I don't care whether want to correct your mistakes or not. Forget about the fact that my daughter had nearly died in a sea of flames because of you; even if she had suffered the slightest hurt, I want the Lan family to pay with your lives!"


    Upon saying his piece, Grand Lord Hong Lian raised his hand and a red-tinted tornado whirled towards Lan Shao, landing squarely on his chest.

    Lan Shao's body was instantly flung out of the way and landed heavily onto one of the walls in the courtyard. Blood splattered from his mouth, dying the ground red.

    Standing right in front of him was a figure dressed in red robes which were fluttering in the wind, carrying an air of murderous intent.

    Lan Shao raised his brows in astonishment but before he could say another word, he could only watch as a leg landed fiercely on his wrist.



    The snapping sound of his bone breaking echoed in the air. After that, agonized squeals, much like a pig being slaughtered, rang out in the courtyard. Lan Shao's face was twisted in agony as large beads of sweat began to roll down his face. It was so painful that he almost could not bear it.

    "From now on, the Lan family shall no longer exist in the Northern Block Territory!"

    At this moment, numerous powerful cultivators had gathered outside the Medicine Manor. Before they could grapple with the fact that Gu Ruoyun was actually Grand Lord Hong Lian's daughter, they heard the man's cold and unfeeling voice.

    The Lan family shall no longer exist in the Northern Block Territory!

    This declaration has determined the Lan family's final tragic fate!

    Perhaps the Lan family never expected the outcome of their hundred-year legacy being destroyed because of one stupid decision!

    The Old Master of the Lan family did not say very much. At this moment, everyone could sense that he had age incomparably in an instant. Even his once perfectly straight back had become hunched.

    Perhaps he was the only one who had known from the moment the Great Elder had decided to willfully carry on his own way that this would be the Lan family's fate.
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